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Nandhi torrent reviews

Mickey O (br) wrote: Real talk the block is hot! Get Money

Conny B (es) wrote: I say 4 stars because the casting is great. Towards the end it got a bit more revolting than I had initially expected. Not quite a pleasant viewing, but it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Marcus D (kr) wrote: Remember the immortal 23!!! A sad moment in the history of our country.

emulator29 (mx) wrote: The subject/script is just great not to say more ...but the filming was deceptive !

familiar s (de) wrote: The movie tries to make a point and send out a message. While the intentions might have been good, what I got to see in the form of a thriller wasn't quite so. Its predictability and preachy parts didn't bother me as much as its story so filled with loopholes. And if the director has the same excuse that the Sergeant makes towards the end, I'd have a hard time pardoning him. Many of the significant twists and turns simply don't add up to. I'd have readily ignored one or two, but here we've got enough at hand to make the movie lame. Tolerable, but not recommended from my end.

laura h (jp) wrote: want to see it like crazy. alan's first sex scene.

Kyle B (de) wrote: A very cute movie that seemed like the 1980's version of The Devil Wears Prada. All the performances were wonderful from Harrison to Joan to Sigourney

Narges M (kr) wrote: Disturbing and noisy! The story develops in the most unusual and senseless way. Some books shouldn't get on the big screens!

Matthew L (nl) wrote: A taught psychological horror from Richard Attenborough with Anthony Hopkins giving one of those performances he used to give before he became 'Anthony Hopkins' and all he had to do was turn up.

Jeremy N (kr) wrote: A pretty good latter-day Hammer horror with some memorable set-pieces. The climax features an imaginative decapitation - something I personally like to see in any film!

Carl M (us) wrote: Despite the phenomenal success of Hammer's DRACULA, it would take the famed Horror House nearly a decade to convince its star player to return to his most distinguished role. According to Lee, his decision to play the dreaded Count Dracula without any dialog was made based on the film's poor scripting. This works to the film's advantage in many ways, however, adding another eerie layer of fright to the nefarious vampire. The Count returns to life after the blood of an unsuspecting traveler is spilt upon his ashes, thereby restoring his flesh so that he may feed upon the man's unfortunate companions. Unlike Terence Fisher's previous entries in the series, DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS often suffers from its own sluggish pace, while Peter Cushing's presence is also sorely missed as the vampire hunter Van Helsing. Philip Latham keeps things interesting as Dracula's seedy assistant, Klove, along with an admirable performance by Andrew Keir as the determined Father Sandor. DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS is most notable for its horrific violence and gore, particularly in Dracula's blood-drenched resurrection scene. It falls behind Fisher's better works in most other ways.

Nash K (br) wrote: I do not want to know the petty little details about a character. Let's stick to what the other characters actually know about each other. Let's stick to what is actually relevant to the plot. Imagine instead how someone, such as yourself, could wind up in such a predicament.