Nangman jagaek

Nangman jagaek

At first, four swordsmen hired to bring back a runaway concubine appear to be competent mercenaries, but soon prove themselves to be a bunch of incompetent buffoons. Their leader, Yae-rang,...

At first, four swordsmen hired to bring back a runaway concubine appear to be competent mercenaries, but soon prove themselves to be a bunch of incompetent buffoons. Their leader, Yae-rang,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zeke P (ru) wrote: Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. It's just bad.

Indyan C (br) wrote: Tezz = Speed + Taking of Pelham 123 + Unstoppable minus a good motive of the antagonist or the plotter. Technically very well made but the biggest disappointment is Mohanlal being wasted shamelessly while refreshing thing is to see Anil Kapoor in a good decent well acted role after long. Screenplay is good but script is foolish and for beginners, movie keeps u glued scene by scene but overall it's very silly.

PetaGay P (gb) wrote: I am a sucker for London boys. Love the accent. Plus got a lil bit of b-ball action but mostly doing tricks with the actually ball itself. There's a brief but noticable dark skin vs light skin commentary. -Why! Why! them lightskinned sistas (mostly them ounce of black ones) got to take all the good brothas. Overall its a decent watch and its a love story and did I mention I love romance.

Adam R (fr) wrote: An absolute disgrace to the original. Depp isn't even close to mastering Willy Wonka as Gene Wilder did. Horrible film. If you want to watch Willy Wonka and enjoy a lifetime supply of chocolate, watch the original movie.

Lee B (br) wrote: Not much to this movie, and if it didn?t end the way it did, it would be a 1.5 star movie. However, it didn?t pander by the end. The only problem is that the beginning 45 minutes is very pedestrian. I just left it on while on the road, and it never really captured my attention, but I could follow. Then, it does take some new approaches to what it was trying to serve up. And I love the end setting. Nothing to avoid but nothing to reach for.

Ian T (jp) wrote: Its never clear what he's trying to do. Is he trying to kill the bear, or just survive? If he wanted to just survive why not just build a metal shack, cos the suite is about as mobile as that. The bloke is clearly an idiot/nutter and chickens out at the end, which means all you get is him ranting for 72mins. Which was fun for about 20 minutes.

Andrey B (us) wrote: Maybe a bit controversial in its portraying of a little girl as a sexual object a la Lolita, but the pairing of young Natalie and Jean Reno makes a riveting experience.

suha a (us) wrote: I love this movie sooooooo romantic

Sondre L (br) wrote: Dette er s tvers igjennom absurd at det fr David Lynch-filmer til se ut som fakta-dokumentarer. Er det kanskje her Lynch fikk inspirasjon fra? Jeg lurer p hva Wam og Vennerd gikk p nr de kokte ihop det her. Det dukker opp s mange mer og mindre kjente norske skuespillere at jeg mista tellinga ganske fort. Det er veldig koselig med Leif Juster og Aud Schneman p kjkkenet, som skiller seg ut skuespill-messig.

Guido S (it) wrote: Jean-Claude Van Damme in an early role joins an illegal kickboxing competition where anything goes. He moves through the ranks and his friend eventually gets brutally injured and sent to the hospital so JCVD vows to get his revenge. In the final match, it is him and the guy who injured his friend. Pretty solid movie, not much in the way of plot, but the action sequences are good. There are some over-the-top and cheesy moments, but that adds a bit of charm to everything.

Theresa G (fr) wrote: I rate this movie as one of my all time worst movies! Hated it. Dumb. It's like they didn't even try.

Jane B (au) wrote: Uneven in spots, but ultimately worth the watch. The book is one of the most unforgettable portraits of adolescence I've read to date, and the movie does it justice--somewhat. Solid performances + gorgeous cinematography=worthwhile rental.

Melanie S (it) wrote: Out of the many renderings of this classic work, this is neither the best nor the most imaginative. But what points it gains is for the stellar cast and for the sheer visceral, albeit unrefined, nature of the filming. Putting a stage work on film is a difficult trick at best, no less so when it involves such a heralded work of the Bard as this. But this particular adaptation has its moments. For film, it's a bit over-staged and over-stagey, but you can't fault the overall talent and David Tennant isn't entirely miscast as the gloomy Dane. Tennant's best work emerges when he's opposite someone with chops and fearlessness to match his own, which make the best moments of this rendering the ones with Gertrude (appropriately Freudian, one could argue). Not for the faint of heart, but a valid adaptation nonetheless and while not entirely entertaining or lacking in content, it has enough shining moments to appeal to the most die-hard of Shakespeareans.