Nannha Farishta

Nannha Farishta

Govind, Nazir and Joseph decide to give up the world of crime when a little girl enters their life.

Govind, Nazir and Joseph decide to give up the world of crime when a little girl enters their life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul G (es) wrote: A lovely look at the life of one of Star Trek's most beloved cast members.

David T (ru) wrote: i prefer Overheard 1... that was so much better.

Bryan W (gb) wrote: This is a 'bridge' short to explain where Dom and Letty have been along with Hun and him knowing Dom. It also shows how he knows other characters that appear in the future.

Ryan O (ru) wrote: Johnny Hickey's brutal yet informational film about drug addicts in Charlestown deserves to be seen, it's a warning to people about the affects one drug can do to a man and how bad the legal drugs in this country are, oxy-contin is prescribed in pharmacy's throughout the country, and oxy comes from the same plant as Heroin! That's the main message in this film, oxy leads to heroin. This film is a thrill ride that will scare the drug addict out of you (if your into that shit) and the films excessive brutality is justified in it's message. As Hickey has stated "I've changed many of the names in my story. Not to protect the innocent, no one in this fuckin' story's innocent"

Siobhan G (fr) wrote: Amusing Canuck comedy. It made me laugh to see on the DVD cover that some critic compared it to "Julie and Julia", which it most definitely is not. While there is cooking, it's more a movie about clash of cultures.

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Ryan G (br) wrote: War, Inc. is a busy movie that has no clear direction or theme. I lost interest 14 minutes in, and after only a few chuckles, it never turned into anything decent. I guess I can't complain since it only payed 2 bucks for it.

Noname (kr) wrote: There are truly many low budget horror out there now and they keep coming. Some are really bad and other watchable like this one was. Story is about the usual stuff , younger people are been slashed by a mad family.. seems to be a safe script for this genre. Overall a decent horror movie once again but compared movies like hills have eyes , wrong turn are a bit better.

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