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Nao mo


The story is about two explorers who invade a temple in the dark of a jungle. They find a mummy, remove its brain, and return to the mainland. The blood and fluid from the brain are used in black magic rituals that result in a series of bloody murders throughout the city… committed by the brain! Seeing is believing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel S (fr) wrote: Heartfelt and genuine, Neil Berkeley's "Harmontown" shows us both the dark and scathing, and the caring and nurturing sides of genius writer Dan Harmon in this sincere day-in-the-life documentary.

Ryan W (ag) wrote: THIS MOVIE SUCKS! THIS MOVIE SUCKS! THIS MOVIE SUCKS! I'm a brony but how could they make my favourite character into a F*CKING DOG?!

AD V (au) wrote: The acting is a bit uneven and the plot is rather simplistic BUT for a low budget indy project it's admirably well made and seems to put every dollar of it's budget on screen. Be forewarned this isn't what I personally would technically call a 'horror' movie but it is a nicely paced, character-driven, supernatural thriller. Other up and coming filmmakers should take a few notes from director Weed on how to do things right.

Jason S (mx) wrote: Weakest of the three but still worth watching.

Salim I (gb) wrote: This movie was stupid! It was just a stupid film with a lack of plot or dialogue. It fails as a story and fails to be a horror film. Queen of the Damned is just a idiotic punk film with vague ideas, horrible acting and directing, and a lackluster script with no scares or plot. It's just a convoluted as hell addition to the worthless vampire genre.

Coop L (br) wrote: As one of the first scripts Tarantino ever sold, this one does the trick. You can see his style seap through the dialogue. Damn I wish I bought the widescreen version, I fuckin hate fullscreen. They cut out a lot of the shots and substance. Fuckin fullscreen is for retards and shitbags. Who the fuck wants their movie to be cropped so it will fit a damn square. Fuck....anyways, back to the movie, this one has some very memorable performances, especially by supporting characters played by Hopper, Pitt, Gandolfini, Penn, Walken, and Oldman. Hans Zimmer's score is way out of plays and he should have never been commissioned,they should have just used the money on song rights, but what can you do?

Timothy B (it) wrote: Decent Cornball flick

Dusk S (gb) wrote: This movie is another amazing shaw brother title. lags from a few slow parts but the end finale rocks. pagoda and lots of bad guys = A+

Gabi B (ag) wrote: I still can't forget that pink submarine:D

Andrew J (mx) wrote: Lean plus Coward always results in a good film. It doesn't really compare to Brief Encounter though. Worth seeing for the social/political comment it makes on life betwixt the wars.

Lyndsay B (gb) wrote: This was a fantastic film. The acting was totally over-the-top and beautifully dramatic. The subject was somewhat controversial for 1937 but Mary's profession was carefully danced around the entire film. Beautiful actresses, Humphrey Bogart, great story.

Garrett C (au) wrote: Brilliant film that evokes a sort of 1962 mash-up of Sunset Boulevard and Wait Until Dark. The acting, cinematography, and lighting is superb. I love this era in the early 60's when you had really crisp black and white films that were balanced between older and modern cinematic techniques.

Anita T (de) wrote: Great supporting cast