Não se pode viver sem amor

Não se pode viver sem amor

December 23rd. A series of random encounters will radically change the lives of various persons. Ten-year-old Gabriel and thirty-year-old Roseli arrive in Rio De Janeiro in search of the ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:love,   brazilian,  

December 23rd. A series of random encounters will radically change the lives of various persons. Ten-year-old Gabriel and thirty-year-old Roseli arrive in Rio De Janeiro in search of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gina B (de) wrote: Despite the less than good reviews on the script and direction, I found this to be a hauntingly beautiful surreal love story. I felt an ache in my chest throughout the film. Bening & Harris are mystical together. Locations used in L.A. and their home are stunning. Excellent! Should have been nominated for awards. My personal favorite movie of 2014 and it received no recognition...so sad.

LeAndra M (br) wrote: Love the fashion and nice chick flix

Zombie M (es) wrote: First of all, this is a Sci Fi Channel quality film, so that should tell you everything you wanted to know about it. Second of all, sorry Charles Band, but this was TONS better than most of the Puppet Master movies.

Thomas D (de) wrote: 25 DAYS OF HELLIDAY HORROR #18: Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys (2004) Wow! just wow! 'PMvDT' was way shitty! It seemed only fair to throw another 'killer toys' movie into the mix for Christmas, but gawwwdddd!!! PMvDT contains unspeakable horrors of cheese to say the least. The plot was just bad. Its about a decendant of the Puppet Master bloodline (Corey Feldman) who uses a serum to resurrect the infamous dolls of the Puppet Master including Blade, Pinhead (no Hellraiser relation), Six Shooter and Jester. At the same time, a corporation known as Sharpe Toys is trying to get their hands on the serum to create evil killer 'demonic toys' that will tear out of gift wrapped presents and kill on Christmas Day! The 'Demonic Toys' that are resurrected from hell are Baby Oopsy-Daisy, Jack-in-the-box and Grizzly Teddy. Overall: Although it is titled as a 'vs.' movie there isn't a whole lot of fighting going on between the puppets and the toys. This alone was very disappointing. That is the main thing viewers want to see in a movie with such an absurd title. There is a pretty epic fight at the end between the puppets and the toys, but you have to suffer through the whole shitty movie to get there. Another dissapointment comes with the lack of gore and blood which is very abundant in all of the previous and early 'Puppet Master' movies. Even the original 'Demonic Toys' contains way more gore than this made for Sci-Fi cheese cake (it is seriously made by sci-fi channel) Finally one of the biggest complaints was the lack of appearances from some of the other cooler puppets. Where was the torch puppet? or the one with the drills? Why was there only three demonic toys? They could have written a whole slew of new evil toys to fight the team of puppets. The way that the puppets were highlighted as the 'good guys' was a bit lame. Corey Feldman's bumbling, goofy performance was semi-enjoyable, but it basically amounts to pot head humor. The characters were very cheesy and thin. Grizzly Teddy was a big pussy the whole time! He gets the stuffing chopped out of him by the Blade puppet! The greatest parts of the whole movie involve Baby Oopsy-Daisy and his diaper shitting, fart jokes. There is a hilarious scene of him breaking out of a cage and chasing Corey Feldman down the hallway. I was laughing so freaking hard from the cheese i almost couldn't stop. It almost killed me. His foul mouth is just awesome too. After being uppercut by the pinhead puppet at the end, Baby Oopsy-Daisy pops up out of a sewer drain pipe and says "Merry Christmas my ass! And a crappy New Year" Awful....just awful, awful stinky Christmas cheese.

Tommy B (ru) wrote: Hong Kong adventure/action. It felt like I was watching a childrens movie, simple plot, little violence, almost no blood and no kissing (only hugs). The special effects was horrible. The actors showed they could do some really nice fighting, in the few scenes where they actually did something. No I really didn't like this movie..

Lillian A (de) wrote: i really really want to see it!!!!

James W (ag) wrote: This film surprised me, I'm glad I saw it though because a couple of things I really thought were good. Firstly, Slater as the main bad dude was terrific, the acting was so genuine, could only come from someone as good as slater. I thought the leads in Dewan and Geraghty did a nice job. secondly the ending, I love endings that arent so cliche and happy ending, when the ending takes place I am genuinely surprised and stunned, as a viewer I love being caught off guard. I also enjoyed how many of the scenes were put together, by rapid cuts or by tense music. Nice action film!

Shaun K L (de) wrote: I quiet enjoyed this little cute film...Dolly Parton is really great as the lead...there is something about her that is very likable...she played a very down to earth interesting character...James Woods was quiet good as well...some times all we need is a simple nice film to watch...and this is a great example of that...

Greg G (au) wrote: Classic! The way movies should be made!

Richard C (au) wrote: Not sure if its excellent or if it is dumb. And I'm not sure if it is because I grew up in a different era and can't appreciate older films, or if it is just an awkward film. But at the same time something about it is just fun to watch.

Kevin H (gb) wrote: Has been called the greatest English film.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: Grade - D+Unfortunately excellent direction and good visuals can't save 'Constantine' from the ridiculous mess presented here. Ultimately, it's a mixture of a bad script and silly source material that cause this film to seem like more of a parody of itself as opposed to a genuinely frightening experience. Not good.

Todd G (fr) wrote: Watch this movie!....if you want to be bored

Mlissa A (ag) wrote: L'une des plus grands fail du cinema : tirer quelqu'un dans l'oreille lui en faire perdre connaissance et passer le restant du film sans aucune cicatrice ni sang !!!

Dave J (fr) wrote: Monday, November 22, 2010 (1988) Black Dog ACTION Extremely admissable plot line full of holes involving Patrick Swayze hired to bring illegal firearms by driving a semi assuming at first thought he was driving toilets! Plenty of action with some of it's main influences from "The Road Warrior" and "Lethal Weapon 2" except this film was financed by De Laurentiis making action sequences that're too pretentious and unbelievable! And because of less reliance on CGI, this film deserves a pass! Rock singer Meat Loaf and country singer Randy Travis also stars! 2.5 out of 4