Story of Induchudhan, whose life after a prison sentence for which he is wrongly convicted, and his revenge.

Story of Induchudhan, whose life after a prison sentence for which he is wrongly convicted, and his revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leena L (ru) wrote: Drugs. A lot of them. Everywhere. All the time. 1.5 stars is no fault to Rhys Ifans but it just wore me out, all that dope.

Shelley S (it) wrote: ok was confuessing a bit

Anthony F (ru) wrote: not as good as the first but still alright

Mikael K (it) wrote: Islamic fundamentalism and western hedonism collide in the small English town of Bradford. A daring premise has been done justice to with a wise, analytical execution. The film was a huge hit in the 1997 Cannes film festival which is no wonder considering how it's intriquing way of combining comedy and drama both charms and challenges. "My Son the Fanatic" gives us a peak into the life of Parvez, an Indian-Brittish taxi-driver, who doesn't care much about his roots, but is very fond of the western way of life. He befriends with the lower class of his town, eventually falling in love with a prostitute. His son, Farid, represents a very different kind of thinking. He opposes the western way of living recklessly and seeks order. This leads to him leaving his English fianc? and joining a group of islamic fundamentalists. A story that begins as a light comedy turns into serious drama as Parvez and Farid collide in their different ways of viewing life. Parvez's worry about his son and his long-dead marriage to his traditionalist Indian wife offer us meaningfull moments wich carry the deep characters through innovative situations. The film speaks for open-mindedness, stating that a prostitute can be a good person and that a religious fanatic is always someone's child. It offers much to think about while questioning common prejudiousness. And nothng in it is easy, sappy or contrived, but instead firmly grounded in the realistic. The acting performances and Udayan Prasad's talented directing support Hanif Kureishi's insightfull script, wich -perhaps intentionally- is left just a tiny a bit superficial considering the grave themes. "My Son the Fanatic" reminds us that cultures can indeed intermix successfully, and I recommend it strongly, especially at these times. To quote Parvez: "Farid tells me cultures can't be combined. Jesus! You can't keep them apart!"

Alexander P (fr) wrote: Demi Moore looks incredible as a stripper, but the movie fails right down the line. None of the book's humor has made it onto the screen. Skip it.

Reuben V (au) wrote: Sean Connery shines, but the mediocre writing, and uninspired storytelling sink the boat.

Uriel H (kr) wrote: Una pelcula de buena factura y buena historia. A los crticos no les gust mucho, pero es una buena oportunidad de ver a Gregory Peck en una de sus ltima pelculas al lado de Jane Fonda.

Andrew K (fr) wrote: Cheesey B-Movie fun. My Grade: A+

Nathan A (ag) wrote: I remember the first time I'd ever seen SubUrbia, it was late one night on HBO. After seeing it I felt I had to watch again as soon as possible. So I went to my local video store to rent it, only problem is I found out this movie isn't on dvd, and it's still not on dvd. In disgust I just went home said oh well. That next weekend I turned to HBO again just to see what was on and behold, they were playing this movie again. This time I fully connected with characters unlike the first time around. I also remember first veiwing of this movie and I was highly displeased with ending, but with second viewing the ending made so much more sense. SubUrbia deals with a group of friends in their early 20's. The main character is Jeff played by Giovanni Ribisi, if your a fan of Ribisi at all and you haven't seen this your missing out on his greatest performance. Jeff to me is the character I relate to most on screen, we share alot of the same thoughts and ideas. He is a very brilliant guy but at the same time he very flawed. He makes mistakes but understands that's what life is about, only learning from them can be different for certain individuals. Jeff is likeable and honest, but is unsure about his future and is at odds with society. He doesn't like how most people think or how they blindly live their sometimes meaningless lives. There's not enough people that think outside the box, thats one thing me and Jeff highly agree on. He is a very complexed character but that's what makes him the most interesting to me. This movie always gives a feeling that I'm watching real life as it's lived. Suburbia isn't always a happy story, it has it's funny moments but overall it's what life can throw at you, which isn't always fun. It's real people in real situations, or thats the way I see it. I've heard some people have been deeply affected by this film, I'm one of these people. The movie has gotten alot of mixed reviews over the years but I think thats because the power of this film can't be experience in one setting. This film more powerful with more viewings. I'm glad that people are know realizing that. I'm still waiting for the day that this is released on dvd, it's easily one of the top ten films I've seen in my lifetime. Not very many films capture what's displayed here, an everlasting impression of what youth in america is like today and wanting it all but not always knowing how to get there. Some of the message here might get lost, that's why you have see it more than once. Reality isn't always clear the first time you experience something.

Eric J (ag) wrote: I saw this film first-run way back in the day in a drive-in theatre in Southern California. Seeing it thirty years later it wasn't that bad. Eastwood does a fine job and there's a good supporting cast. Takes a while to get going. The special effects were good considering this is one of the last films before the CG effects era began.

Manu G (fr) wrote: 3 enfants errant dans les rves de leurs parents : du pur cauchemard

Steve S (us) wrote: A favorite to all who love comedies.

Igor P (ru) wrote: I've never thought I'd watch a movie that deserves only 1/2 stars... but here it is