• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Narazumono 1964 full movies, Narazumono torrents movie

A killer who only hits people who deserve it is tricked into killing an innocent man. He then seeks revenge against the people who employed him and then gets mixed up with drugs and prostitution in Hong Kong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Narazumono torrent reviews

Gilbert S (mx) wrote: A bunch of phony populists with pseudo-insightful 20/20 hindsight. Really, really bad.

Roy C (ag) wrote: The human actors FAIL, especially those playing Dr. Finkel and his stupid Asian lapdog assistant. Jason Earles can't maintain the Russian accent either.

sedney d (it) wrote: no poster found so i cant rate this

Kevin R (mx) wrote: Everybody knew he was a cop.An undercover NARC agent wants to retire from his line of work but money hasn't lined up so he takes another case. The case calls for him to work with a police officer whose partner has recently been killed. He and his new partner investigate those responsible for the murder; however, in doing so, he may uncover the partner had a lot to do with the situation..."Do you think it could have been prevented?""What could have been prevented?""The infant's death."Joe Carnahan, director of Smokin' Aces, The Grey, The A-Team, and Stretch, delivers NARC. The storyline for this picture is very mediocre, predictable, and clich for the genre. This didn't feel very original or clever. The acting and script are just okay and the cast includes Ray Liotta, Jason Patric, Alan Peterson, Chi McBride, Busta Rhymes, and Krista Bridges."Say fuck you again to me."I randomly grabbed this off Netflix as a potential interesting action flick, and was disappointed. It was okay, but nothing special and fairly straightforward. I would honestly only watch this if you have nothing better to do."You're a good woman, baby!"Grade: C-

Jason D (fr) wrote: In the early 90's, Fangoria magazines branched out into the film industry and developed a production company that managed to do three low-budget films before jumping ship, and they started with Children of the Night. Directed by Tony Randel (Hellbound: Hellraiser II), Children of the Night is about two girlfriends (Ami Dolenz and Maya McLaughlin) who set out to swim the water-infested Crypt of an old church as a ritual when leaving the town of Allburg for good, but they unwittingly awake a super-vampire that starts converting the town. A couple of days later in a nearby town, a priest shows his best friend (Peter DeLuise) the upstairs bedroom where he has McLaughlin (now a vampire slave that sleeps underwater with lungs exposed and eats bugs) whose forced to have her mother (longtime horror genre actor Karen Black, whose given a lead credit for some reason even though she's not in the movie much) feed off of her. While the priest stays to watch over Black, he convinces DeLuise to go to Allburg to see what's going on, where he uncovers a town full of vampires trying to pray on Dolenz's virgin blood. It's up to him, Dolenz, and homeless man Garrett Morris (film's comic relief, and my favorite person in this film) to fight off the vamps and escape town. For a low-budget, early 90's film, Children of the Night really isn't all that bad, especially since the vampire genre of films has gotten SO DAMN BAD!! The cast does a decent job, including Black in her small role and Morris whose always a delight to see. To top it off, the gore effects are a step above as well, leading to several fun moments throughout the film. The story could have used some better fleshing out, but overall, this gets the job done for me. I liked it.

MF J (jp) wrote: I know i have seen that film when it was released at the theaters but i can't recall anything about it... i'll have to watch it again...memory do fade away with time... plus the fact that i have seen so many films in my life i sometimes forget a few of them.... human after all.

Nathaniel M (gb) wrote: The expositional dialogue was rough to get through, but I found the simplicity of the story endearing.

Alono Z (de) wrote: You can find the trailer and possibly the whole movie on youtube, but I'd recommend you skip it. This looked so bad it had to be funny, and it's not. After watching "The King of Comedy" i'd expected more from Jerry Lewis's mature work and i could not have been more disappointed. One star is generously given only because of some of the casting choices (Marty Feldman, Jim Backus) and some of the more insane plot points in the film.

familiar s (gb) wrote: So-saw. Not exceptional, but certainly watchable (in one or more sittings). Didn't find it great when some sequences dropped in arbitrarily for no reason except for adding style to the execution, I guess. No problems otherwise. Other than the usual.

Amna K (ca) wrote: Clever, witty & very funny! Peck has great comic timing!

AW C (kr) wrote: Requiem for a Dream throws us into the pit of addiction and in the driver's seat of the deeply tragic characters.

Michael S (br) wrote: Really well-done, heartwarming film. An "old-fashioned" love story and tear-jerker, except for the "gay" part.. Glad I decided to watch it despite the "critics" poor rating.