Nasha Masha i Volshebnyy orekh

Nasha Masha i Volshebnyy orekh

Школьница Маша, как и многие из нас, считает, что настоящих друзей найти в нашем мире почти невозможно. Настоящая любовь — недостижимый идеал, и, вообще, чудес не бывает. Наверное, поэтому именно с ней под Новый год начинают происходить чудеса…

Школьница Маша, как и многие из нас, считает, что настоящих друзей найти в нашем мире почти невозможно. Настоящая любовь — недостижимый идеал, и, вообще, чудес не бывает. Наверное, поэтому именно с ней под Новый год начинают происходить чудеса… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trent W (mx) wrote: I love this movie... thought provoking and deep and meaningful... i can now appreciate the appeal of the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind... in more ways then one

Igor K (ca) wrote: A bitter sweet tale about desperate working class men and women. The storyline is quite simple, the actors make this movie really great. All the actors deliver more then good performances, and I also liked the music in the background. It made me few times laugh and also very sad, because this can happen to everybody. Another fine Spanish movie about harsh moments in life without pathetic approch.

Henry F (br) wrote: A very sad and brilliant look at dealing with loss. A man's wife commits suicide, he struggles to come to terms with it and is unable to read the note she left him. An amazing performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of the best even by his standards. Personally, I think it's one if the most depressing films I've ever seen, but that's not a bad thing, it's a great thing.

Heather M (us) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

Mike B (br) wrote: You had me a Water Giant, then you lost me with the lame and paper thin plot. The creature was well done but that's about it. The big fat bow they tie everything up into at the end is too much to swallow without feeling ill.

sam k (it) wrote: one my favorite movies i give it 10

Lynda M (jp) wrote: Ridley tapping into disturbing fantasies as a replacement for a bland even depressing rural life. Not everyones cup of tea, yet an edge of qualtiy and fascination that is hard to ignore.

Harry W (us) wrote: The Seven-Ups has a confusing intro because it doesn't solidify an understanding of the characters, as in who they are or what they have meaning to. It can only be assumed that Roy Scheider is portraying the protagonist, but how you can identify that otherwise is unanswerable.The Seven-Ups never truly makes it clear just what is going on, but whatever is seemingly happening is boring and not explored well enough for it to be a good film, but rather a half-assed rehash of The French Connection which is so literally half assed that it borrows Roy Scheider from the film and puts him in a lead role in an attempt to capitalise on his Academy Award nominated success. Although his performance was great and he stepped up to the lead role fearlessly, the film itself isn't good enough to be one that features him in it, and frankly aside from him The Seven-Ups can only boast some decent brief actions scenes and a cool chase scene. Unfortunately, by todays standards its not worth sitting through an entire film for this little, and unless you're a die hard fan of Philip D'Antoni's car chases or Roy Scheider's work as an actor, then The Seven-Ups isn't hard to walk awat from.

Miguel O (ag) wrote: Few effective laughs with a bunch of tasteless and grotesque jokes. The after-credit scene itself is enough to make it lose half a star.

Ian G (mx) wrote: A very preditcable travellog romantic dramedy that actually for what it is acts as ok escapism, following a attractive couple, Seyfried and Benal, who are very successful at their respective arts inspired careers who for whatever reason decide to actually go on their honeymoon before their wedding to escape the crazy workloads of starting a new restaurant and writing commitments shortly after their nuptials. Of course within moments of them touching down in Italy, Benal gets caught up in self centred exploration looking for new foods and wines he can bring back home for his restaurant leaving Seyfried to explore Italy and discover by accident a wall where letters seeking advice in love are left to be answered by a fictional Juliet who are really a group of spinsters. When a 50 year old letter is found and in short return answered by the writter and her grandson, Seyfrieds own adventure begins which challenges her own sense of what love is. Totally glossy and movie logic explaining whats best for a couple and what love is, the film is helped by the chemistry of Seyfried Chris Eagen as her new suitor and Redgrave being the optimist elder statement. Brainless fluff but engaging for what it is.

Greg W (es) wrote: The enormous cast is a total delight, starting with Pfeiffer, with hair dyed dark, a New York accent and a continuously nervous edge.

Av D (br) wrote: This was very entertaining. Not only the kung fu, but the characters are really well built here, especially the movie's moron, Mo... There is a chemistry between the major characters, and the plot is realistic. Too bad people are always fast to put down these types of movies..