Nasvidenje v naslednji vojni

Nasvidenje v naslednji vojni

The two enemies from war, Slovenian partisan Berk and German soldier Bitter, meet each other during holidays in Spain. Recalling the war through conversation, Berk remembers Anton, his fellow comrade he had spend the most time with.

The two enemies from war, Slovenian partisan Berk and German soldier Bitter, meet each other during holidays in Spain. Recalling the war through conversation, Berk remembers Anton, his fellow comrade he had spend the most time with. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (ca) wrote: Acting (Dame Helen Mirren in particular) is the only worthwhile part.

Dimitris K (jp) wrote: Terrible adaptation of a great book.

Mark R (nl) wrote: The true hip-hop lovers movie... Hands down.

Lee M (nl) wrote: Eager to ingratiate itself but perilously slight, writer-director-star Lisa Gornick's debut feature "Do I Love You?" is a no-budget, vid-shot attempt to transfer the tone of Woody Allen's breezier Manhattan relationship roundelays to a hip London lesbian milieu.

Alexandra B (kr) wrote: A tribute to life itself, to the will to survive, and last, but not least, jewish foxiness and intelegence. Again and again, I found myself between laughing about and with the characters and shivering for them. This movie really deserves all possible stars.

Grayson W (ca) wrote: Here is my stream of consciousness review. A perfect movie during Christmas or any other time. The universal back lot town is obvious and recognizable but adds to the charm. The co star female is the red bikini girl from Fast Times, which I read was a controversial move at the time because of her fast times scene, which is interesting. Gizmo is adorable but I worry people are too care free when bringing home a pet of an unknown species, I would have freaked out over its very basic needs, much less the problems that later arise. The gremlins are awesome characters from the era of practical fx and any screen time they get is amazing. And their presence isn't just implied like in many monster movies that show just seconds of the monster at a time; no they spent a ton of time and money putting these dudes on screen. The introductory bar scene could have been half a minute of gags but the wild gremlin bar antics go on for what feels like ten minutes! It must have taken days to film that scene. And if that wasn't enough, later they have a packed theater full of fully animated gremlins all with even more crazy antics! It's a pretty dark and somewhat violent movie for a kids film but I think it came out a bit before Temple of Doom etc so PG 13 hadn't become a thing yet. Though he has several good movies under his belt, Gremlins is truly the masterpiece of Joe Dante

Daniel S (de) wrote: I give Friedkin credit for not shying away from the intense lifestyle of the hardcore S&M gays portrayed in the movie, and the clubs they go to, and the overall tone is dark, but the story isnt as good as it couldve been, pacinos character doesnt have much depth, he seems to accept the job with no hesitation, and with little motivation, and idk what his plan was supposed to be-just hope the murderer picks him up? and he had to expect that he would have to do some gay things to blend in, so idk why he was always so resistant, karen allen is fucking useless as his gf, pretty much adds nothing, sorvino is solid as the chief, and the guy who plays als neighbor did a good job, he was a good character, and im fine with ambiguous endings, but this one was so half assed, it ended up just being confusing

Marissa F (jp) wrote: This was a fun film, but it's hard to believe it could have been the best picture of any year. Maybe people were just awestruck by the force that is Bing Crosby. That I'd believe.

Jeff B (ag) wrote: Pretty entertaining suspense thriller starring Mary Steenburgen as an aspiring actress who takes a screen test in a mansion and is then kept prisoner in house by the crazy "director". Some pretty obvious surprises throughout, but it's entertaining enough. And I enjoy thrillers that take place in one location (when done right of course). Good film, worth a look if it's on TV and there's nothing else on.

Ken S (ru) wrote: Alfred Hitchcock directs this black comedy about a small town in which a dead body is found, and everyone is just trying to figure out what to do with it. It starts with a little boy finding it, then an old hunter, who thinks he accidentally shot the man when hunting rabbits...then people just stumble across the body and seemingly ignore it, before the old man is able (with some help) to bury the body...then unbury it, then bury it again. It is a comedy of errors with Hitchcock's wicked sense of macabre humor, something that is present in a lot of his films, but taken to it's most extremes here. The fact that Hitch was able to make a comedy about death and a corpse that just seems like such a casual nuisance to the whole cast of characters in the 1950s is just amazing to me. He was great at pushing the envelope for what you can get away with, and the 50s could be so bland in Hollywood, it is great that a man like Hitchcock was keeping the cinema alive with such inventive crazy and fun movies.