Natale a Rio

Natale a Rio

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:114 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cinepanettone,  

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Natale a Rio torrent reviews

Aditya M (ca) wrote: Where has this Woody Allen been hiding? In a rarity for Allen, he takes off the neurotic and intellectual filters for 'Blue Jasmine' and gives us a pure, riveting character study of a woman of privilege who is completely at sea when her fortunes are upended. Cate Blanchett is a sheer wonder to behold.

Evelyn C (de) wrote: Yeesh. I want my 80 minutes back. At least I had the forsight to torrent this turd as opposed to actually paying for it. Poorly acted. Poorly written. Poorly directed.

Steve S (es) wrote: ** (out of four) A pretty typical entry to the film cannon of director David Decoteau. It has all his usual plot devices: a pysco killer, young attractive guys running around shirtless, and plenty of blood. Too bad it offers nothing new. A group of college age guys meet at a remote house for a fraternity initiation. But a killer is stalking them.

David H (jp) wrote: Excellent Horror Movie!!! So Dark & Nightmarish!!! Perfect Cinematography, Soundtrack, Pictures of the Nature and Acting!!! One of the best Horror Movies i ever saw!!! Defently The Best Horror Movie i saw in this Millenium!!! Finnish are Morbid!!!

MrsNick Jonas (ag) wrote: WINNE THE POOHHHHH IS AWSOME

Vasco M (nl) wrote: Kung Fu Hustle is an unusual case of a cartoon pitch that might have accidentally been turned into live action movie. But in all seriousness, it's got a great mix of practical effects and entertaining acting that makes for a treat of a feature film that never takes itself seriously.

Camille L (ca) wrote: Se voulant satire de la television, EDTV n'est malheureusement qu'un film bien trop long, reussi par intermittences, dont seuls WOODY HARRELSON et ADAM GOLDBERG tirent leur epingle du jeu. Certaines scenes sont parfaites (les 30 dernieres minutes), mais l'exposition est bien trop longue. Mi-figue mi-raisins.

Danny R (ca) wrote: Another romantic comedy about divorces and single life. This one is not interesting and the dialogue is chatty.

David H (fr) wrote: A entertaining and funny Australian Western the Couple Paul Hogan as a Wannabe Gunslinger and Cuba Gooding Jr. as his Mute Sidekick are hillarious

Dona B (us) wrote: i love tHIS MOVIE there will NEVER BE ANOTHER JOHN WAYNE I give 5 stars

Dan C (de) wrote: Here we are. That's right. It's the Eminem movie. Yeah. Say what? I really liked this one. We generally get the feeling that the rapper grew up underprivileged when his mom complains to him that her boyfriend won't go down on her. You only get that kind of slack remark when the parent doesn't give as much of a crap, in the right way, about the kid, as they should do.As for Eminem, he does a great job of playing... himself. Seriously though, He's cool. He's determined. He's nervous. It's an attractive underdog story, plus it's set in Detroit, which could use the advertising case that city needed help a long time ago.There are some cool messages about friendship and also some good wisdom about life being harsh for the younger viewers to take in from this flick.It's a little rank that Eminem bangs his girl in a car factory but you know, when in Rome...Dan Copping

Nick K (gb) wrote: Better than I expected.

Danielle W (jp) wrote: a good movie, michelle pfeiffer looks different with the brown cruely hair. like the movie