Natale in Sudafrica

Natale in Sudafrica

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cinepanettone,  

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Natale in Sudafrica torrent reviews

Bill B (us) wrote: Paranormal investigators in an old hospital sounds like a pretty common set-up, and to be fair, it really is, but this manages to squeeze some stylish shots out of things, keeping the audience on their toes by playing with time and space in strange and unnerving ways.Recommended.

Luis B (kr) wrote: Una pelicula "potente", con cierta elegancia y un buen arranque. "Forrest Gump" minimalista. Sin embargo, los secundarios, verdaderos protagonistas aqui, solo estan trazados. En mi impresion falta darles mas profundidad... Con todo, el filme es de lo mas interesante de Italia en 2008...

Draven B (ru) wrote: The protagonist acts like a creep and the conclusion is very weak. I give it an extra half star for its unashamed featuring of penes.

pamela n (mx) wrote: Personal life. me quede con las ganas de ver su Arte... su percepcion... i dont know. desilusion. muy larga y aburrida. sorry

Richard D (it) wrote: This isn't exactly a bad movie ... it's pretty okay actually, but it isn't really trying to be much of anything really. It's almost perfectly representative of the bulk of Ron Howard's directing career ... blandly entertaining and spectacularly unambitious.

John K (kr) wrote: Here's a typical slasher from 1981 that breaks a few essential rules: mainly the killer's identity is not a secret and he doesn't wear a mask. These violations aside, Eyes of a Stranger very much follows the early 80's slasher formula. Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as a deaf, dumb, and blind girl named Tracy, who lives with her older sister Jane, who happens to be a reporter for the local news. When a serial rapist starts preying on the local women, Tracy takes it upon herself to solve the mystery. Eyes of a Stranger is very predictable and seems to be very content to be so. There is some good gore and a few moments of true suspense but for the most part, it's just going through the motions. The film debut of Leigh is hardly enough to recommend this sucker, though she is topless for a brief moment, so maybe it is.

Rick Q (us) wrote: i enjoyed "10" a whole lot more than i was expecting to. i watched it mainly because blake edwards is a director i'm interested in seeing more films by, but there were some seriously funny scenes and dialogue here, and surprisingly a lot of heart, as well.

Randy B (gb) wrote: This little seen action movie, one of a package done for British producer Lew Grade, starts out fine, then goes in the wrong direction with a budding romance between Bronson and Ireland's characters. Instead of focusing on a showdown between Steiger's mobster and Bronson's cop, the film piddles around building the character's backstories. Waste of Charlie's considerable star power and an excellent supporting cast. Ireland is unwatchable in most likely the worst performance of her acting career.

Dottie P (de) wrote: This is the goofiest I've ever seen Shirley MacLaine, Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum, Gene Kelly, Dean Martin, and even Dick Van Dyke! The best parts were the genre flashbacks (though the first two were far funnier than the second two). How had I never heard about this movie before???

linda s (fr) wrote: i'd watch it gaain just for a good jolt!

Michael S (nl) wrote: I'm always weary of giving a 5 star review on only a single viewing, but this is one that I just can't see any other way of scoring. I loved it, and it's an example of the sort of films I'd love to one day be apart of. Complex and sophisticated themes wrapped in a fairly simple story. It was a beautiful and heartbreaking experience that I know I won't ever forget.

Greg W (ca) wrote: good bio-pic & vehicle 4 Pat O'Brien with that big nose he sports

Melody S (jp) wrote: ??Holy bananas! It??s a girl??s LEG!!!!!??And that's the highlight. I guess I'm slowly realising that these movies weren't worth getting so excited over "finally" watching. This has aspirations to artfulness but it's just as bad as the rest. You can call HG Lewis "The Godfather of Gore", you can call him whatever you want but if such a moniker blinds you to simple critical judgment - that his films are just plain bad and deserve no more attention than so many other lost treasures - then, blah ... I'm too bored to continue that chain of thought. I've a few more of his movies to look at, and I will get to them - but I'm sensing "Maniacs" was about all he had in him.

Bridget K (jp) wrote: Vincent Gallo - gag - not a chance I'd want to see it