Terrified after having witnessed the cold-blooded murder of her boss and her cousin by vicious gangsters, an exotic dancer from Russia flees to England and assumes the identity of her dead relative only to discover that no matter how far you run, you can never escape your past. Arriving in England, the frightened dancer takes the name Natasha and enters into a passionate relationship with local vicar's daughter Christine. Later, after a stealthy photographer posts snaps some steamy shots of Natasha and Christine making love and posts them on the internet, the vengeful gangsters stumble across the website and dispatch some ruthless hired guns to rub the Russian dancer out. Now Natasha's time is quickly running out, and the only person willing to help her fight back against the ruthless Russian mob is a fierce-but-sexy Russian policewoman who isn't afraid to fight back against one of the most dangerous criminal organizations on the planet.

A young Russian foreign exchange student arrives at the home of the vicar of a very proper english village whose residents are more than scandalised when her secret colorful past is suddenly revealed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Natasha torrent reviews

lakesha p (kr) wrote: love. this. movie. so. much. it. talks. about. standing. up. to. bullies. and. never. let. them. get. in. your. way

Mark M (es) wrote: Lol, I thought it was funny

Dennis B (ca) wrote: David Fincher at his best with suspenseful dialogue and camera shots

Jamie C (us) wrote: Not as good as the first, the highly annoying director being buried alive while Stanley watches the fireworks is good.

Jukka P (ag) wrote: "We don't take shit from machines!" I saw this more than ten years ago, and I'm still laughing. The aliens look great, they're american footballs with a barcode reader inside them. It was a vhs copy we rented, and it was so worn out where there are tits shown for about 2 seconds! We did the rewind move too...

james f (kr) wrote: As a Bob Newhart fan, I was immediately drawn in. It's a bit cute in the good and bad ways.

Sheila C (fr) wrote: Beautifully filmed suspense thriller featuring Marilyn Monroe in her first starring role

Andrew K (de) wrote: Superior wartime propaganda piece. Has some moments of excitement and violence that still catch you by surprise today.

Brian L (au) wrote: I want two hours of my life back. What a waste of talent and beauty. Spoiler: ballet dancer turned revenge killer. Yeah. That bad.

logan w (us) wrote: definitely and crazy real horror movie is the best around but night of the living dead is one of my favorites as the movie in this movie twists and turns definitely a great movie highly recommend they go along with a third movie definitely think everyone wants to see a third movie I definitely want to but all is good 5 stars on this one