National Class Category Up to 785 ccm

National Class Category Up to 785 ccm

One week in a life of Branimir Mitrovic "Floyd", a young rally driver from the National Class (up to 785cc), dreaming of promotion to the higher category. He lives a carefree life of a ...

One week in a life of Branimir Mitrovic "Floyd", a young rally driver from the National Class (up to 785cc), dreaming of promotion to the higher category. He lives a carefree life of a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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National Class Category Up to 785 ccm torrent reviews

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Noah G (mx) wrote: This Is a Film... a bad one...

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Private U (de) wrote: Too bad Wai-keung Andrew Lau, Siu Fai Alan Mak had made Internal Affairs too good, Not much surprise from the director in this one. But this still an interesting story, Tony Leung and Takeshi acting are decent.

Chloe C (nl) wrote: Watching this movie on Father's Day made this movie a little closer home in my heart. Yes, fathers do go through the grieving process and suffer (sometimes in silence) too. Moral tales remind us of what it means to be human and although there is no element of surprise nor exceptional performance here, it is good to be reminded to navigate vigilantly on our moral compass every now and then.

Sheryl S (fr) wrote: I really loved the book, and was disapointed with the movie. But a great performance by Benning

Tracy F (fr) wrote: Extremely difficult to follow.

Kimberly W (ca) wrote: I just got to rewatch this movie on the big screen and boy was it good! They did an amazing job with this movie!!! If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth watching at least once!

Ben L (nl) wrote: I'm pretty sure that if you ever asked me in my younger years if I liked Westerns I would have said "no way." However when it comes to films like Quigley Down Under I realize my Dad was indoctrinating me from a young age to like Westerns anyways. This is one of the films that he had me watch and I still like it to this day. What sets this one apart from others in the genre is that they move the action to the Australian outback. However in every way it seems to follow a traditional old west formula. Tom Selleck plays an expert long-range marksman who arrives in Australia to apply for a job working for Alan Rickman (a wealthy land owner.) However their relationship doesn't start out well when Selleck discovers Rickman wants his skills in order to help kill Aborigines. I like how they have equated the plight of native Australians with that of native Americans, despite the fact that you can tell they've simplified and Hollywood-ized the situation a bit. It's also worth noting that they never show the Aborigines having a moment of strength where they fight for their own cause, Quigley basically becomes their only hope of salvation in this film. But if you can get past that kind of stuff the story is an entertaining one.I think Tom Selleck is great in the lead role. He should have done more Westerns, because his look and personality work well for that genre. Alan Rickman naturally plays a delightful villain. His distinguished accent and mannerisms are an excellent counterpoint to Selleck. Laura San Giacomo is the love interest, who's a bit off her rocker. I like how they slowly reveal her story and it's nice to see that, as we learn more about her, she becomes less annoying and more sympathetic. That's never an easy transition to make. The story is well crafted and I can never get enough of Quigley making those long shots with his rifle. There's almost something superhuman about his skill and it gives him a more powerful aura. Matthew Quigley is the kind of character I love seeing in films, the hero who fights with honor and only kills those who threaten the lives of others. The final showdown between the 2 lead characters is excellent and has a nice little twist that, while you might expect it, fits perfectly with the personality of the characters. I can't guarantee you'll love this movie, but it works well for me and is one that I can watch any time.

Andrew T (br) wrote: This fascinating history play, part of Shakespeare's account of the final years of England's feudal period, is enhanced in the BBC Shakespeare run by such fine actors as David Gwilim (Prince Hal/Henry V) and Jon Finch (Henry IV). Of course, one must also mention the dissolute Falstaff, played by Anthony Quayle, an actor of such moment that anyone would think he would dwarf the rest. And yet, this supporting role, as clowns in tragedies usually are, is played to perfection by Quayle, who neither steals the limelight nor puts his character in any other place than where he should be. The set is fitting to the film, and every other part accords well - and the

Alexandre R (au) wrote: Un cowboy solitaire vient au secours d'une nonne et trouve un intrt pcuniaire l'aider dans sa mission contre l'arme franaise. Un bon western qui n'est pas sans quelques longueurs. La chimie entre Eastwood et MacLaine est presque mignonne et les deux acteurs sont au sommet de leur art. Un mlange agrable entre l'action et la comdie, appuy par la ralisation exprimente de Don Siegel. Un classique de son genre.

mirabella 1 (ag) wrote: All of the Carry On films get 4 or 5 stars from me.They have been a much-loved part of my life ever since I can remember.

Martin B (kr) wrote: Nice try; good music, but film doesn't work.

Rubis L (ag) wrote: The hyenas had lovely little butts.

Yael B (ca) wrote: A very funny and chaming little film, worth watching.