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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:12 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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National Geographic Magazine torrent reviews

Matthew B (jp) wrote: When college student Sara is assigned a new roommate in her dorm, it may lead to more than just clashing personalities as Rebecca proves much more dangerous when things go from bad to worse. This movie is a terrible mess of a film. I wanted some one to knock me out so I don't have to watch this horrible movie.

Sarah O (ca) wrote: While the film does present some hard facts and some fascinating images, it feels cut down too much to fit in an IMAX short film mold. The film needed another 10 minutes at least of the rovers on Mars finding stuff. I'm very impressed with NASA right now, though, even if the shuttle program is now extinct. May we continue to lead the way to the Red Planet.

Jeng A (fr) wrote: Religious...amazing trip.

Jonathan B (nl) wrote: Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn are one of my favorite onscreen tandems, and while Made isn't the classic Swingers was - not many films are - it is still a winning and entertaining outing. The duo play a pair of wannabe henchmen who are constantly bickering with each other and getting themselves into trouble, mainly because Vaughn's character won't shut up. Favreau, in his directorial debut, keeps things low key while mixing it up with the crime and comedy genres, and does a pretty good balancing act between humor and annoyance. But the main draw remains watching Favreau and Vaughn play effortlessly off one another, which is something that never gets old.

Simon W (au) wrote: This movie is wortal seeing only because of Marisa Tomei

Kerry H (gb) wrote: Bob Weinsten's favorite movie he ever released.

Bego F (gb) wrote: Maria Barranco espectacular

Caio A (au) wrote: This infamous picture can without a doubt be placed among the most revolutionary in Hollywood's history. It's production, art and tact resulted in the creation of an ahead of its time masterpiece.

Zahran Z (ru) wrote: Supper action pack...just like an Indiana Jones movie

Monica F (au) wrote: Not the greatest acting and story... But not completely horrible.

Darrin C (ru) wrote: Good show just as everyone else thinks and for a reason. Somewhat slow at first, but important build-up for later use. It's still entertaining and relevant for today's audiences. I can only imagine what the audiences of it's day must've felt.