National Treasure: Book Of Secrets

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets

Benjamin Franklin Gates and Dr. Abigail Chase re-team with Riley Poole and, now armed with a stack of long-lost pages from John Wilkes Booth's diary, Ben must follow a clue left there to prove his ancestor's innocence in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Considered as a successful film, it tells about the period between the 19th century. Abraham Lincoln's assassination caused a huge commotion. 18 secret pages in the diary of John Wiles Booth, the assassin disappeared. This was a mysterious treasure of the country that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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National Treasure: Book Of Secrets torrent reviews

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Pamela D (fr) wrote: MY LITTLE EYE (2012) UK/ independentWRITTEN BY: David Hilton and James WatkinsDIRECTED BY: Marc EvansFEATURING: Sean Cw Johnson, Kris Lemche, Stephen O'Reilly, Laura Regan, Jennifer Sky, Bradley Cooper, Nick Mennell GENRE: SUSPENSETAGS: thriller, mystery, horrorRATING: 7 PINTS OF BLOODPLOT: Five contestants live on a reality webcast in a remote mansion, but when everything starts to go horribly wrong, is it by accident or design?COMMENTS: Wait! I know what you're thinking! This movie is actually quite good! It's not a stupid teen slasher or a reality show! OK, actually it's about a reality show -like the TV game show, Big Brother, in which contestants are confined to a specially designed house, cut off from the outside world as in Bio-Dome. In My Little Eye however, the house is a decrepit, Gothic country estate, and it's really way the hell out in the snow-bound middle of nowhere. My Little Eye was shot way back in 2002, but it never made it to US screens. Viewer feedback indicates that Big Brother fans don't like this film. It doesn't depict a reality with which they're comfortable. It does however, make for a pretty good horror movie. The appeal to My Little Eye is in our trying to guess a step ahead of the action. As in similar films which begin with the same basic premise - a group of people brought together by an outside entity for an unknown purpose -Cube (1998), Saw (2004), The Killing Room (2009), Exam (2010), Open Grave (2014 -reviewed last month) -tension builds as ensuing plot points suggest and then eliminate numerous macabre possibilities. In My Little Eye, the obligatory five stereotypical characters enter a contest. The players are credible at least; and not too unlikable. They're the ditsy, Generation X types you expect. The contest? Spend 6 months together isolated in a country manor for 1 million dollars. If anyone gives up and leaves, nobody collects. What are the odds that they will win? (Turning down lights, holding flashlight under chin.) What are the odds that the producers are up to something?The later proposition might indeed be correct, or at least, that's what we start to wonder. The film's effective, brief intro bypasses corny exposition, and after the first three minutes, the film picks up the story a couple of weeks from the show's conclusion. The contestants are now jaded, bored, and planning how to spend the money.Then the heat goes out and the food deliveries cease. A saferoom which is supposed to be camera-free turns out to be fully wired for sight and sound. The weekly supply drop-off consists of booze and a loaded handgun. What could go wrong with that idea? We're about to find out as a cloud of suspicion and paranoia descends upon the group like a Baby Ruth candy bar sinking to the bottom of a punch bowl.Who is watching this reality show? If we knew, we might be able to discern answers. In the meantime, the voyeuristic camera angles make us feel complicit. There's something sinister about these cameras which seem almost to stalk the inhabitants, capturing their most intimate moments in both light and dark, even in the bathrooms. My Little Eye isn't one of those pieces which is presented on surveillance cam as a cheap gimmick. The film looks and flows like any good movie. The camera work is skillful, with creative use of fixed positions to suggest that what we see is only that which the web cameras see. This is enhanced by actual surveillance camera computer screens with green time stamps, zooming in, employing night vision, etc. Minimal use of these shots creates atmosphere without being distracting.Due to the filmmakers' good sense of style, the effect is eerie rather than annoying. The feeling is that we witness what we would see if we were peeping in windows -which in effect we are, because we've become the audience of the broadcast. Or have we?We behold a rapid breakdown of the show's arrangement into a treacherous bog of hostility with fatal undertones. There's no control or supervision from the outside world. The players are given no guidance for handling troubling developments.To the contrary, the stage is set to encourage a total loss of the social contract. My Little Eye's suspense is centered in the fact that neither we nor the participants can glean where all this is going. What are the true intentions of the show's producers? Is there someone else on the property? Is the house haunted? There is something more going on than just the contest. The producers read our thoughts, acknowledging and dismissing each possibility in turn. What the devil then, is the point of all this? If the reality show concept is familiar, then My Little Eye's story takes a novel twist. The devil is in the details. If the contestants are willing to be stripped of all privacy -essentially dehumanized and probed, in an increasingly threatening situation, then what kind of people are watching?

Kylie B (jp) wrote: A little overdone, but an interesting concept. I can't help but look at Val's puffy face and dispute that he can play a Marine. Marines are fit and he sure doesn't look like he could drop and give us 10.

Chance P (fr) wrote: Meh I only watched it cause A.J. Cook is a hottie but it wasn't horrible

Andy P (nl) wrote: A frighteningly believable performance from a young Ryan Gosling is telling of true talent, he commands the screen with his raw intensity.

Gordon C (ru) wrote: The original arrival was quite a decent little movie, though I'm sure it didn't shatter any box office records. So why, you might ask, would anybody bother to make a sequel?Another question you might ask would be, why would anybody bother to watch it? If you can figure out an answer, let me know.

Kristy O (it) wrote: This movie only gets a 2 because you get to watch Julian Sands on screen. That and the story sounds good, but they just can't pull it off in this movie. And let's face it people, whenever Julian Sands is in one of these straight to video movies, you know it's shit.

Caleb M (es) wrote: Hailed as the first "true" film noir, Stranger on the Third Floor contains many of the familiar elements of the noir style (atmospheric lighting, morally twisted protagonists, crime) but it still retains elements of earlier, lighter Hollywood fare, refusing to let its main character succumb to some darker aspects of his personality, and focusing less on the criminal side of the story than on the sense of guilt McGuire feels after helping convict a potentially innocent cabbie for murder.The highlights here are a fantastic dream sequence, where the most obvious noir elements shine through (brilliantly atmospheric lighting as well as some truly frightening imagery), and Peter Lorre's delightfully deranged performance as the titular Stranger. It's kind of a shame that McGuire is front and center, since Lorre was one of the great character actors and his performance here begs for more screen time. Still, Stranger on the Third Floor is a lot of fun, showing the early signs of what would become known as film noir.

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