Martin Freeman is lovelorn teacher Mr Maddens, a former am-dram star whose girlfriend (Ashley Jensen) dumped him over Christmas five years ago and upped sticks, inexplicably, to La-La Land. Yuletide cheer is not his forte, but he's forced to drum some up when Pam Ferris's headmistress earmarks him to direct the Nativity play.

An improvised comedy based around a school nativity play. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin G (jp) wrote: Pretty much middle of the road as far as found footage goes with this movie. The characters are forgettable and the back story to the legend of the butcher is weak. A heavier atmosphere and less screaming early on would have made this film worth remembering.

Craig Dylan W (jp) wrote: Some real raw movie making talent combines to make an uneven but solid romantic young gay film. CDW

Julien T (nl) wrote: Despite an obvious solid scenario, T

Barbara V (fr) wrote: beautiful dresses but boring like hell!

Cinemarkos O (kr) wrote: Sem inovao, mal feito e atores razoveis. S.O.S. do Amor no passa de um filminho de domingo de manh, o qual a gente no presta ateno, s assiste. No mximo, uns momentos de diverso raros.

Kavish M (nl) wrote: the embodiment of excellence... The technical aspects of the movie was flawless. Govind took a storyline that would usually not appeal to many and made it engrossing throughout the whole duration of the movie. The performances were brilliant, it is questionable why no nominations were offered. Kareena was brilliant as a Muslim riot victim, showing particular prowess in the confession scene. Her deglamourised look only emphasized the strength of her performance.Fardeen and Kareena's chemistry was impeccable and they give one of bollywood's memorable kiss sequences. Fardeen Khan was surprisingly good, flitting through all his scenes well. This was one of Amitabh's best performances and given his track record, you know how good it must have been. Om Puri too was excellent in his role as a villain. The songs were nice and did not interrupt the plot. Kareena's singing of "Jab nahin aye the thum" only enhanced the movie. The other songs "Rangdini " and "Allah allah" have the correct emotional nuances in them. Dev was flawless.

Steven G (nl) wrote: It makes good use of Tim Curry as well as a funny script. The movie never achieves greatness, but it's the muppets. What you see is what you get. I don't think Robert Louis Stevenson would be too appalled by this charming film.

Armando B (es) wrote: This has to be one of Van Damme great action films, great story and great action fighting sequences that keep you at the end of your seat, the bad guys are great to see act in this film, Van Damme proves that he is one of the best legends in making action movies. So for this being another great film by Van Damme, I give "Hard Target" a B.

Sharon H (ag) wrote: I loved this movie. It touchrs home on alot of issues women go through

Edwin T (nl) wrote: A sequel better than the original.

Samantha S (gb) wrote: I love this movie. Very 60s themes and a stunning Goldie Hawn and gorgeous Edward Albert. Eileen Heckart is the perfect foil. Early film appearance by "Michael Glaser." You will cry unless you're completely heartless.

Sgt C (mx) wrote: (58%) A somewhat forgotten little gem of a British comedy. The premise is in the same family as "Brewster's millions" and "The million pound note", with a good cast and a good heart. Fans of this era of comedy flicks should without doubt check this out.

Tammy H (us) wrote: I love all the Leprechaun movies! They are awesome!