Natten är dagens mor

Natten är dagens mor


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Ben B (ru) wrote: maybe the title of this movie sounded good

Anna F (ru) wrote: Inte en s bra film. Utspelar sig i Afghanistan, och handlar om en grupp amerikanska soldater som r ute p uppdrag. Soldaterna brjar d p mystiska vis.

Jackson P (es) wrote: Jaws + Reptile + 2 + ad cgi = 11/10

Liam M (ag) wrote: A modern horror classic. Cruel, mean spirited deftly designed with perfectly tuned comedy to boot - 'Trick r Treat' is everything you want from a seasonal horror comedy at its finest, the best anthology movie since 'Creepshow'.

Barry T (mx) wrote: i love Parker Posey so this was a treat.I liked it more when it moved across the water to France. This is slow off beat and utterly quirky

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: At least it is better than the previous one, a lot of it still doesn't make sense though

Joanna R (ca) wrote: This movie makes me happy

Julian D (es) wrote: Une course poursuite entre l'inspecteur le plus brillant de la police de Hong Kong et un voleur ruse n'ayant plus qu'un mois a vivre qui finit en une lutte commune contre un parrain chauve de la pegre locale.

Stephanie M (de) wrote: I used to rent this movie all the time! because of this movie, I wanted a monkey as a pet for the longest time.

Alex C (ag) wrote: It's a movie filled with stock footage. Think "The Starfighters" but with a little more plot, a lot less in-air refueling, and Joe the kinkajou. It's a short movie at 1 hour in length---which earned this film an extra half-star (from 0.5 to 1.0). God forbid if such a train wreck lasted 90 minutes.

Cole W (nl) wrote: Like most of horror movie sequels, it's not as good as the first. But it's still a thrilling, enjoyable zombie movie that's better than most horror movie sequels.

Guillaume J (it) wrote: parait que cest pas pire

ruth a (br) wrote: this is such an amazing movie is so good and the songs are so good if you haven't already seen this then you need to! there is an amazing sorry line and a great script is really funny the songs are really good and there are amazing actors in it is seriously amazing!!