Natter: The Documentary

Natter: The Documentary


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:48 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:German,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Natter: The Documentary torrent reviews

Blake B (gb) wrote: An absolute blast! Witching and Bitching does a complete 360, 30 minutes into the film, and spirals into a marvelous horror extravaganza. A modern horror/comedy masterpiece.

Cornell W (ru) wrote: I thought Adrian Brodie was in this movie for some reason but it was Michael Brodie. Pretty good movie either way.

Lee M (au) wrote: Ferrara has made a film that's always visually arresting, but one that lacks emotional and dramatic sense -- a recurrent weakness in his work.

Terry S (es) wrote: Written and directed by James Hausler, Kalamity claims its spot as an intriguing psychological thriller. Ripped to the bone by heartbreaking loss, Kalamity grasps Billy and Stan as its true victims. This film takes a different perspective since, for once, we hear from the men, witness their emotional bleed, and follow the horror of the 'subconscious rip'. The movie starts out with a haunting, compelling, and strikingly wise voice-over, which pulls the audience into the film.Grounded by Hollywood professionals Robert Forester and Nick Stahl who portrays the story's hero, Billy, Hausler's brilliant choice of Jonathan Jackson as the aggressive, uber-disturbed best friend, Stan, carries the suspenseful tone. Although Billy has problems of his own, he recognizes almost immediately that his good friend has some profound mental imbalance. The dialogue is real; it reflects the way real people feel and talk. Billy's reflection on his own lost love, Alice, speaks to that part in all of us who yearn for that lost love of our own - reliving snippets of moments in our own memories as Billy randomly does with Alice throughout the film. I saw this in the theater, and watched on demand repeatedly, each time unpeeling another layer of Hausler's tightly scripted, haunting film.

Blake F (gb) wrote: A weak attempt to help the slasher genre.

Larissa P (au) wrote: Even Lynch fans will have difficulty watching this movie, it's so full of symbolisms and fragmented meanings, hard to sit through for almost 3 hours straight without some kind of anxiety, yet, I found it extremely compelling, and I love Laura Dern, so there you have it.

alirea m (br) wrote: one of the best films of the year. Marion Cotillard deserves her Oscar and the history making of only French actress ever to win an academy award for her role in a French speaking movie.

Simon D (ru) wrote: i was surprised at the ending as it didn't tally with my knowledge of events, although everything else really did, then i saw that there had been a confession so, in fact, this is pretty historically accurate which makes this a pretty fine film.

Francisco F (us) wrote: Courageusement radical, visuellement siderant.

Eric R (fr) wrote: This film does not follow a narrative structure, which I obviously have no problems with but it just didnt click with me as much as i was hoping. There a definetly scenes that are very powerful and effective but overall I was a bit underwhelmed by this work of Claire Denis.

MF J (es) wrote: Anthony Hopkins stars in this powerful film about an anthropologist studying the behavior of gorillas in Rwanda and going completely awoll after witnessing the massacre of the animals by hunters. The film is interesting but not great. Hopkins has done better.

Andrew U (us) wrote: Long live the new flesh...

Hayley K (ru) wrote: A really fun chick flick. Sure you could probably predict the ending before you hit play but you'll still be entertained by how funny and sweet this film was. Marsden never fails to be hilarious but this was definetly Heigl's funniest role yet.

Grant S (nl) wrote: Schmaltzy but works...extremely well.A highly successful sports agent, Jerry Maquire (played by Tom Cruise), starts to realise how cynical and superficial his job and industry are. In a moment of inspiration he drafts a manifesto, noting what is wrong with the industry and how it should change. For his forthrightness he is fired. All he has left is one client, Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr), and his new agency only has one other employee - a former colleague, Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger).The movie that propelled writer-director Cameron Crowe into the cinematic big league. The first movie he directed, Say Anything..., was great but low-key. Jerry Maguire, his third movie, was even better and was a big deal.Emotionally manipulative but very enjoyable movie. Nice, feel-good, underdog story with heart. Quite funny too, at times. Fairly profound too - some good comments on the superficiality and cynicism of modern sport, business and society.Tom Cruise is in fine form as Jerry Maguire. He plays his ideal role - charming, dynamic and heroic. He got a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his performance.However, the performance that glues everything together, grounds the movie and prevents it from being too syrupy, plus provides the most entertainment, is that of Cuba Gooding Jr. Great work on his part - over-the-top and funny. He deserved his Best Supporting Actor Oscar.Good work too from Renee Zellweger and Jonathan Lipnicki (as her child).Excellent soundtrack too, as you would expect from Cameron Crowe, him having been a Rolling Stone music reporter in the 1970s.Great entertainment.

Becs D (us) wrote: It seemed pointless continuing with this film, not because it didn't hold my interest, but it was made around the same time as the The big film with Tom Hardy, how could this compare?

Francisco L (de) wrote: Disappointing movie... When we see the trailer we think: ow! this must be an excellent movie! So, what just happened was that the "excellent trailer" made us feel very disappointing with the final product... Horrible screenplay and plot,, The childreen only appeared in the end of this movie and they were boring, Rosa working at night makes no sense and we don't understand why is that stranger man trying kill them, maybe he is trying to get his revenge with that family or maybe because he is a crazy serial killer, we don't understand...

Jocey D (it) wrote: Interesting. Twisted. Complicated.