Natural Enemies

Natural Enemies

A man hires hires five hookers to fulfill a final fantasy before killing himself and his family.

A man hires hires five hookers to fulfil a final fantasy before killing himself and his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natural Enemies torrent reviews

Mark W (ag) wrote: Beyond awful!!! Worst acted/written/directed/edited movie I've seen in a long time! I feel sorry that Patrick Stewart (who barely narrates it) attached to this! I was hoping it was gonna hark back to the glory days of the old sinbad movies and have the wonderful effects a l Harryhausen! But no!!!! Just avoid at all costs....or watch it on how not to make a movie!

Naed A (ca) wrote: I am perplexed by the semi-good reviews. It was crude, shallow and clumsy in it's attempt to be heartfelt and poignant. Not to mention the aural abuse. A severe lack of truth and beauty, and no resonance with thehuman condition.

Cristen M (ca) wrote: great movie that shows insight into one of the most interesting time in the disney company

Andrew L (br) wrote: Bill Plympton always succeeds in my eyes but he does more so when he keeps it shorter. Saying that this was still thoroughly enjoyable.

Dutch V (it) wrote: Simple plot, which is usually the workings of an enjoyable Seagal film. Considering that the plot is literally, son killed, Seagal takes revenge. That's simple, and means that there will be more action than exposition which is what any Seagal fan wants.

(ru) wrote: Only thing I liked was when I was a kid and it was kind of silly.

CHIYANG T (it) wrote: (2014/01/01/TV) Unbelievable I finished watching this film...

Julie J (mx) wrote: really good movie. i love the comedy in it and i love the message that it portrays. especially when the dad is at home and his wife says" i met mr D today. and hes says" me too". such a good movie and i never hope to grow tired of it

Ryan S (es) wrote: 4.5/5. An excellent film, that's funny, thrilling, chilling, and a lot of fun. It still hols up well over a decade later.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Weird, with zero likeable characters. Even though it came out in 1993, for all intents and purposes this was an 80's movie; and only the 80's can produce the type of crap this is. Worse than The 'Burbs; worse than Beetlejuice; worse than Weekend at Bernie's. You get the picture.

Marisa M (ag) wrote: There's just something special about this one.

Monjit B (de) wrote: Pathetic direction!!!

Anthony J (mx) wrote: I found it to be a decent flick. It certainly doesn't hold a candle to any Scorcese gangster flick, but I found it quite entertaining.

Kollin C (fr) wrote: Great Special Effects And Very Quotable Lines Make This Movie A Cult Classic.

Leslie D (us) wrote: Didn't plan to watch the entire movie last night but I did. Excellent creepy stuff.

Alex S (au) wrote: Midnight Cowboy's unsettling atmosphere and disorienting editing give it the well-deserved title of 'classic' and its complex characters and excellent performances make it worth more than one viewing.

Jill R (kr) wrote: Guilty pleasure. Not as good as Harold kumar but not bad. Kutcher and Scott are likeable and make this movie work.Grade B-

Aaron G (br) wrote: For the love of God, watch this with a significant other or a hopeful significant other. It doesn't get more charmingly romantic than this.