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Nathan N (ca) wrote: Crazy Eights is boring. Skip is.

joe b (gb) wrote: if you want to see bon jovi watch it if you want a movie leave it alone

Call i (it) wrote: Well it had some funny moments, although not a lot. The acting was ok but nothing out of the top. The story idea was nice, but not to well performed.

Jesse T (es) wrote: The climax actually pits Milo against Winston in a typing contest. If that sounds thrilling, this may be the movie you've been waiting for.

Grace B (ru) wrote: Moretz is a great actress, but neither her nor Bettis and not even Spacek are ugly enough to portray Carrie. She was written to be a fat, ugly outcast. None of them would have been outsiders; Moretz was beautiful at prom! Another thing - this adaptation shouldn't have been modernized. The 70s film brings on a sort of rawness; posting Carrie on YouTube almost belittles the story.

Byron B (ca) wrote: A very different performance from Cary Grant before he developed the persona that made him famous. Overall this movie just bored me.

Will L (ag) wrote: While I liked 'Beverly Hills Cop' better, '48 Hrs.' is another example of Eddie Murphy in his action-comedy niche, and Nolte gives a pretty good performance as well.

Paul N (fr) wrote: I found it a complete bore, from start to finish, one of the most boring movies ive ever seen in fact. As usual Rotten Tomatoes gives the crap movies high ratings. Made me yawn myself to shit.

Morris N (ru) wrote: Starts off well. Gina Lollobrigida is lovely. Some good gags. It runs out of steam somewhere in the second half and dwindles down into nothing. Too bad, because if they'd kept the energy they had at the beginning it would have made a decent film.