Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy is a sex comedy, where Rahul Roy plays the role of a London based tycoon who is a widower and a playboy. His son, played by Hitesh Kriplani is completely the opposite, as he totally shies away from women. To help him overcome his situation, Rahul engages Mona Chopra as the live-in instructor for Rahul’s personality development. But trouble starts when both Rahul and Hitesh fall in love with Mona and want to marry her! Now Mona already has a lover, played by Rocky Sandhu, and together they play their game, with a twist in the climax thrown in for effect.

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Naughty Boy torrent reviews

Itamar G (nl) wrote: es estupida lo unico q me gusto fue el final q aunque ellos no c queren c qeudan juntos x el bebe aunque el bebe es d su hermano y el es homosexual eso es lo unico bueno d la pelicula

Dyron W (nl) wrote: Good intentions and performances in an otherwise weak movie.

Ben R (kr) wrote: Not quite good enough for a full 3 stars. The ending is just laugh out loud hilarious.

Michael H (br) wrote: Rewatchable and silly still 20+ years later, put it in, shut off your brain, and enjoy Robert Redford.

Ed A (nl) wrote: One of the weakest John Wayne films I've seen. Poor plot and dialogue. The best thing about it was learning the tactics used to fight oil well fires.