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Widower Amar is well-off financially, and lives in a house with his daughter, and servant Dayal. His sister and brother-in-law want him to marry again, so that his daughter can have the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nauker torrent reviews

Jack A (br) wrote: This movie used witches as an excuse to cover up the fact that they pretty much copied every aspect of Paranormal Activity. There was one part that truly terrified me tbh, but other than that, it was pretty much full of predictable and basic scares. There were also many events left unexplained. Plus, the ending was bad and cheesy.

Demetrios M (ca) wrote: A modern take on romance in the 21st century that will make you think differently about modern relationships. The performances are excellent and it will have you deep in discussion as soon as the film ends.

Sean P (br) wrote: Pretty standard high schooler makes a big mistake while dealing with a personal tragedy movie. I wish they actually completed the ending, I hate when movies leave it open to interpretation, it just seems lazy to me.

Cosmin I (it) wrote: Not even worth reviewing

David S (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this one; I've got a thing for alien parasites, I guess...

Kelly K (fr) wrote: This movie was definitely just for laughs. It was silly, with no real point to it at all.

Javier R (br) wrote: The big true about Argentina Junta

Jack P (ca) wrote: A classic film about keanu reeves hunting down a group of bank robbers. Excellent film with insane stunts and patrick swayze plays a convincing villain. Point break is a classic 90s action film that cant be missed.

Alex H (mx) wrote: I have no idea what the deal is with this movie.

Marc L (br) wrote: Ah Claude Sautet !!! Toujours la classe, la grande. Tout ce cinma aide bien au quotidien.

Antonio F (mx) wrote: How disappointing...

Knox M (kr) wrote: Next to Vertigo, Marnie is Hitchcock's most depressing and tragic film.

Richard B (fr) wrote: Want to see an artsy war movie? Great visuals and a very dream like quality due to the cutting in of news real footage and the episodic like nature of the film. Visually though, it is beyond comparison.

Adam S (it) wrote: Brilliant final Ranown western staring Randolph Scott and directed by Budd Boetticher, this time with Scott's lonely wanderer rescuing Nancy Gates from the Comanche, but finding an equal foe in Claude Akins, who is looking to cash in on some reward money. Akins, as the somewhat sympathetic villain, has a key monologue that mirrors, almost exactly, Lee Marvin's from "Seven Men From Now", also written by Burt Kennedy, and in lesser hands it would feel like the wheels falling off a lucrative franchise, and maybe it was, but Boetticher handles the familiar material with his usual carefully planned use of rocky landscape and precision editing to turn a nominal cowboys and Indians and bounty hunters yarn into a game of psychological and physical warfare.