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Naukri torrent reviews

Caroline W (ru) wrote: Entertaining enough :)

Gregory W (kr) wrote: ok indie rom=com takes a look at a relationship in all its stages

Guess P (de) wrote: I absolutely love this documentary! Maybe one day this planet will be "home". Maybe. . .

Des S (nl) wrote: This movie had a good storyline idea, but the movie ruined it. It had bad acting, and the movie wasn't very good, until the end, at which point it just turned horrible. The twist at the end was so confusing. I had no idea what happened.

Wesley W (br) wrote: A terrible movie that just gets more and more ridiculous as it goes on. It is not believable at all that 3 teenagers could break into a huge bank with a high tech security system in downtown L.A. and the movie thinks Im just supposed to go along with it, well no sir I think not. The characters are as bland, dull, uninteresting, and one dimensional as they get. The writing and dialogue are terrible, the acting sucks, every joke is cringe worthy and stupid, and the plot becomes too stupid as it goes on. Kristen Stewart, Corbin Bleu, and Max Thierot made for a forgettable team and I didn't care if they ended up stealing the money or getting caught by the police. The security guards were bumbling idiots and whenever they got a perfect chance to catch the kids robbing the bank, they were either doing something stupid or they got interrupted by something. The love triangle between the 3 leads really added to the film's bad and lazy writing. During the go kart chase scene the police couldn't even stop the teenagers from getting away the first time even though L.A is one of the biggest cities in the world and they could have set up road blocks or brought in more reinforcements. I will give the movie only one star because there was a climbing scene that had tension and suspense in it and it surprisingly kept my attention. If you want to watch a believable and good heist movie, watch Oceans Eleven or Fast Five and don't waste your time with this crap.

Derek J (mx) wrote: to and wai reign in supertalents sammi, sean, and a stellar support for this supernatural dramedy. it's a lil' wacky and random but acting and 2 main's story plus interplay are th- e strongest! another solid entry by milkyway productions.

Hannah L (br) wrote: It was very incoherent and made very little sense. By the end I was pulling my hair out...I quite liked it.


Stacey P (de) wrote: If you liked "Dazed & Confused" watch this.

Al H (ag) wrote: A surreal masterpiece

Justin A (us) wrote: Crispin Glover gives a good, creepy performance in the title role and R. Lee Ermey is great as the condescending, jerk of a boss. The nice part of this movie is the minimal use of CGI (only when it would have been impossible for all the rats) and used trained rats instead for most of the scenes. Even though the rats don't really do anything, the way scenes are shot and Glover's performance gives some character to the main rats Ben and Socrates. The love interest plot is tacked on and unnecessary, but everything else is great. Worth watching.

Steve B (ru) wrote: Even though I fell asleep half way through. Watched the second half this morning. Was a damn good movie

Scott M (jp) wrote: Tom Cruise plays the perfect sports agent. I love him in the sleazy salesman role. But when he has to act sincere with Renee I laughed. He didn't convince me he was truly in love with her. Really dumb movie but I did like Cuba Gooding.

Duncan K (jp) wrote: It isn't just about the gnarliest heavy metal band in history, it is also a documentary about conflicting personalities. METALLICA RULES!!!!!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Ingela A (mx) wrote: Rodrigo Garcia, the writer, director of "Mother And Child" is the son of Gabriel Garcia Marquez no less but his universe is solidly set on a reality that doesn't shy away from poetry. A poetry emerging from an open female heart. Wanting and longing for things we lost, for thing we let out of our lives. Annette Bening is superb. "She's 38 today" Annette tells her failing mother, talking about the daughter she gave up for adoption when she was merely 14. Naomi Watts is the long lost daughter and she is an updated version of the mother she never knew. Naomi Watts confirms, once more, her extraordinary range. The film works on every level and we live the changes the characters suffer with a palpitating heart of recognition. The entire cast is outstanding with Samuel L Jacksong giving a performance that is a revelation in itself. Even though it IS a bit Hollywoodish, it is gentle, strong, moving, powerful and funny. A film I highly recommend

Kyle S (au) wrote: This psychological horror keeps you trapped until you fully accept that you can't escape the evil. Rosemary's Baby is effectively suffocating and shows satanism is disturbingly normal.