Nautanki Saala!

Nautanki Saala!

An actor's life changes dramatically when he saves a stranger from suicide.

An actor's life changes dramatically when he saves a stranger from suicide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M (gb) wrote: It's a movie that 12 years ago if I saw it, I would've wanted to live it. Great story, funny, touching between the father and son going through a tough loss. They leave the drama to be obviously explained and take the comedy to a hilarious with no to little foul language. And I love cuss words. Fuck. Shit. Anyways, I'be been in a debate about what's better between this and The way way back, I'll keep my personal opinion to myself but Nick Swardson delivers, of course. Biaggio, is by far the best character and randomly hysterical. Patrick's parents are funny as well. For only really shooting in one location, it opens up beautifully, and almost makes you wish you had a place you could escape to, with a hittin soundtrack, this movie will always make me feel like a King of summer.

Anahita H (es) wrote: Overall, one of the WORST HINDI MOVIES I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting language, and should be rated A, along with amitabh bachchan having no proper role and abhishek just looking dumb. Bobby Deol was the worst while Lara and Preity were grossly wasted. a failure, and PLEASE, SHAAD ALI, DO US A FAVOUR AND DONT MAKE ANY MORE MOVIES!

Kyle J (fr) wrote: It's no secret that this is an abomination.

Jory B (de) wrote: Very good for a documentary

Erik D (ca) wrote: Bad movie, great cast.

Private U (de) wrote: Toads, toddlers, and a bizarre attempt at playing Mother Nature...too fun...

Blind P (jp) wrote: A nice attempt at a humanist science fiction story that would have been more impressive had it been made 30 years previously. By the time of this release, the exhibition of human type robotics feels forced and without much imagination. The dialogue is generally done well, which made it watchable, but I have seen many better versions of this "Frankenstein's Monster" type of tale. Even the scenes of the movie Frankenstein our robot pal watches in the film remind you. Don't be fooled by the Terminator style robot face you see on the cover. There is no violence to speak of in the film.

David S (ag) wrote: A very poor addition to the Hammer Dracula collection and you have to feel sorry for Lee. He always wanted to do his ultimate Dracula film and here at least he gets to crawl down the castle wall but apart from that (pretty dodgy) effect the rest is a rehash of previous (better) Hammer entries. Lee actually looks quite uncomfortable this time and no wonder when he has the likes of Dennis Waterman starring opposite him! The film actually starts quite well (apart from a silly rubber bat biting itself to allow Dracula to rise from the grave, I kid you not!) with Matthews as an entertaining playboy-type who, after a series of misadventures, ends up at Castle Dracula. Unfortunately when he disappears we are only left with Waterman as the heroic lead and he never pulls it off. Troughton is on hand as Dracula's assistant and at least his story is quite interesting and played with sympathy but by the end with Dracula struck by a lightening bolt and an obvious stuntman on fire you'll regret having wasted your time with this film. Stick with 'the 58 original and 'Prince of Darkness'.

Matty S (es) wrote: The charm of this iconic Hollywood "classic" completely escapes me. However, there would be no "Bewitched" without it.

Panos Y (ru) wrote: Beautiful and dreamy. Very nice visual effects, blending the strange with reality. The acting is satisfactory, but the main work was done from the director.