Navajo Blues

Navajo Blues

After police detective Nick Epps witnesses his partner's murder by the Mafia, he's forced enter the witness protection program and is placed on the Navajo Indian Reservation. He tries to settle into his new life, but danger seems to follow him as he becomes involved in a serial killer investigation. Before long, the Mafia tracks him down, and Nick is suddenly trapped between two violent worlds with little hope of escaping alive.

A police detective, who has to testify against a Las Vegas mobster's son who killed a cop, has to be hidden away for his safety until the hearing. Placed on an Indian reservation, he gets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon B (it) wrote: Dude, its great....seriously a 0%??? making me question you rotten tomatoes

Alex B (jp) wrote: As our Jewish friends say: "Enjoy."

Daisy M (br) wrote: sheep and rabbits are a couple of my favourite animals so a couple parts kind of hurt me to watch, but this was SO fun. should have watched it sooner.

Jay K R (kr) wrote: Very fun to watch and loaded with great action, it's a goofier but worthy sequel.

ChillinDylan G (gb) wrote: Critics are out of their mind - this is a solid adaptation and Emmy Rossum is fantastic in it.Grade = 7/10