Navajo Joe

Navajo Joe

The sole survivor of a bloody massacre vows revenge on his attackers and on the men who killed his wife.

An Indian warrior called Navajo Joe seeks revenge on a gang of sadistic outlaws who has massacred the people of his tribe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (mx) wrote: Some impressive acting and even better technical work is let down by Jesse James Miller's clich-packed script.

Mikka F (gb) wrote: Ehhh... As an avid Stephanie Plum reader, I'll stick with the books.

Kane M (gb) wrote: My very first French film that I absolutely, positively hated...

Mark B (gb) wrote: Amazing film. We saw this at the iMax at the California Science Museum - it was absolutely incredible.

Patrick W (br) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. Billy Bob Thornton is perfect as the grizzly old drunk mall thief in a Santa suit. His interactions with Brett Kelly and Tony Cox are priceless. This was also one of John Ritter's last films before passing.

Helena K (au) wrote: Visually stunning, but lacking in substance. The characters are not particularly likable and the relationship between the two leads is dubious at best. This film is a dud.

Sebastian M (ca) wrote: Based on true events.

Nacho S (it) wrote: Curiosilla, sin ms

Maria V (au) wrote: Witherspoon carrega todo o peso de dar credibilidade ao filme e parece ter pouco suporte sua altura.

Yorky G (br) wrote: i wish i live in a town call Mumford.

Mark N (br) wrote: Messy, sloppy, not all that fun.. just about sums up both the movie visually and descriptively.

James M (ca) wrote: Very well made, but I prefer the adventures of Wallace & Gromit.

Jennifer T (gb) wrote: Favorite Diane Keaton movie! Memorable performance from Diane Keaton in this heartfelt movie. "Baby Boom" is highly underrated.

Hugo G (fr) wrote: It wasn't gory or full of scares, but it did had an excellent performance from Paula E. Sheppard. It also had some good suspense, but still, the discovery of the killer felt misplaced-shocking-but too soon. And the end was ambiguous and at the same time extremely creepy. To me it felt as not being one of the best horror movies from the 70's, but somehow it managed to be very creepy and be a leader of many similar movies that came out later on.

Jessica M (br) wrote: this movie was the best movie i have ever seen based on the daily lives of young children. the language was in french but it has english subtitles. it was the great! I can watch this movie over and over,thats how good it is.

Robert P (es) wrote: An innocuous ditty that files out of your memory quicker than an hourglass relieves itself of its last grain of sand. The spike strip is laid down before this vehicle can parlay its way to greatness.

Steve A (ag) wrote: Sissy Spacek is perfect as Loretta Lynn, giving the biopic an extra level of depth.

Kevin M (ag) wrote: There are very few films starring Denzel Washington that are anything less than good. John Q is no exception, despite what critics say. It's incredibly heartbreaking, and undoubtedly compelling material. Denzel raises the stakes with his complex performance, which is thoroughly masterful. From the subtle lip quiver when a cop tells him nobody cares to the waterfall of tears he sheds in the final act; it's one of his finest performances. Flawed by painfully corny dialogue in the beginning and tail end, there isn't much else to complain about: it's a powerhouse of heart-stopping drama coupled with a relevant (even over a decade later) commentary on the American healthare system.

Dominick S (us) wrote: I don't know why so many negative reviews I thought this movie was great.

bill s (de) wrote: Not that this premise hasn't been done to death but this foul mouth little bugger really steals the show and you can't wait for his demise..