Navy Boys

Navy Boys

When a series of crimes are committed under the nose of the Royal Thai Navy, a special team is set up to capture the culprits. The special team assembled for the mission are promised a big reward if they succeed. The elite Navy team is forced to disguise themselves as women entertainers on a boat, in order to gain access to the criminal gang's secret island hideaway.

When a series of crimes are committed under the nose of the Royal Thai Navy, a special team is set up to capture the culprits. The special team assembled for the mission are promised a big ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brittni A (it) wrote: love the movie so funny

Do you even Jay C (mx) wrote: Okay, so where do I begin? Is this film bad? No, it's nicely made. Is this film boring? No, it keeps itself entertaining. Is this film not funny? No, I laughed a lot. So what exactly makes Funeral Kings not so good? It's a pretty realistic portrayal of middle school kids, and I think while that's it's greatest asset, it's also it's downfall. Funeral Kings reminds me a lot of a previous film I watched, Bullhead. Plot points are dropped and it's tonal shifts are somewhat grating. I found it to be a disappointment. Funeral Kings is about the life of 2 middleschoolers, who are also alter boys. Due to this, they can get out of school earlier than everyone else and attend a funeral. Once the funeral is done, they usually skip class. And on one day, a new member joins the group and turns out to be an actor. And that's as much of the plot I can explain cause after that, this film turns randomly to different plot points, one involving a gun they find and a pretty predictable outcome... It's basically a mix of Superbad and Stand By Me. Hell, the last half is reminiscent of Stand by Me while the first half is Superbad. Therein lies the first problem: It doesn't know whether it wants to be a serious coming-of-age film, or a comedic one. That leads to some jarring tonal shifts. One moment, you are laughing. The next, you feel sad. Now, it handles both moments excellently when looked at as individual scenes, but when combined, it really hurts the film. I'm very confused as to what they were going for. Then, there are the constant plot points being dropped. I get it. It's supposed to be gritty and realistic. No one in their right mind would return to a drug dealer's dungeon, but that's the difference between a movie and real life. Movies are meant to be escapism or help us cope with something personal. I'm not sure about other people's lives, but mines did not include a drug dealing dungeon. I would have loved a little closure on that. Then, there's the fact that the plot points that are given closure, aren't satisfying enough. I mean, we only get one line of dialogue as to what happened to something.The acting was good and I liked the realistic dialogue but the plot was almost nonexistent. It wasn't much of a comedy but it wasn't much of a drama either. There was no life lessons learnt and when the young boys were presented with a possible life changing situation, nothing really came of it. I just found that by the end, I wondered how this could be a full length movie. A short film maybe, but not a full length film. There was not enough substance for that. It was scattered as many reviewers mentioned but this was not a good thing. I would skip this one. Even more disappointing, I rented it as a new release and got home and found it was on Netflix for free. Only rated 3 stars on there.Overall, Funeral Kings is an okay film. It's funny, dramatic, and entertaining. But it strives to be a Superbad/Stand By Me combination. There are much better coming-of-ages films, like the two I just mentioned. It's frequent plot points being dropped is kind of a downer, and as a result, it doesn't feel cinematic. I know that's not what it was going for, but it needs to close off some of them. With that being said, there are many good things to note from this film. The main actors are pretty good in their roles, especially Dylan Hartigan, who outshines everyone else. The cinematography is passable, given it's not a big budgeted film. And the dialogue is witty at times, though sometimes they just throw in the word "fuck" for the fuck of it. So, would I recommend it? Eh.... maybe if you have nothing to do. But that's pushing it.

Nancy d (ag) wrote: liked it just as much as the first one

Marcus Y (br) wrote: Completely biased film of the first world war making it look like the Americans were the true heroes.

Private U (ag) wrote: Great movie that I saw at an Irish Film Fest in is also titled "Sping (or Summer) Fling" for the US market.

cody f (de) wrote: Not a bad flix. You definatly get the feel for the time but I wanted more. I wanted to know more of the characters in the circle and what happened to them over time.

Jaime R (it) wrote: Some movies are so bad I ended up enjoying them. "Ishtar" is one of those movies.

Tristan M (gb) wrote: Of the Vietnam war movies, Platoon sums it up and covers it probably better than all the others. Although competition for the top spot is tight, between Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, We Were Soldiers and Platoon, it's this one that takes it to the jungle with the band of soldiers who are trying to keep hold of their humanity, and those who have all but lost it, and is the staple for Vietnam on screen. It's not just based around a battle like We Were Soldiers, it's not a rare special mission like Apocalypse Now, and not based on a single incident like Casualties of War, it's a very unique story that falls onto a single platoon of soldiers as they fight to survive many things, including each other, and up there in some of the best war movie stories with Saving Private Ryan. The action is good, looks good, with good cinematography, although by today's standards takes a hard hit due to pretty lame sound effects, even though it won an academy award for it in 1986. The action isn't the centre of the movie however, as that falls to the story and the conflicts between the men as they both take sides with who is in the right and wrong, and start a deadly civil war that quietly takes place within the platoon. The death of Elias is probably one of the best and most memorable in film, while that or Barnes is simple and bittersweet. It is however still a great movie and for me the best representation of Vietnam, with some good actors and acting, many of them at the start of their careers.

Gordon B (br) wrote: This is a strange & sexually explicit film from Jean Luc Godard. Here the daily life of a 'typical' family is depicted by showing two separate images on screen simultaneously. It should interest those who are curious about experimental movie-making.

Andrew B (de) wrote: Dersu Uzala could beat up Bear Grills AND Chuck Norris, at the SAME TIME. Seriously, this dude was beast!

Stuart M (de) wrote: do i really care that the crew of the enterprise is getting old? the answer is no.

Shaun B (kr) wrote: Fun kid's movie that's better than most.