Navy Seals

Navy Seals

During a rescue mission, a team of Navy Seals discover that a terrorist group have access to deadly US built Stinger missiles, and must set out to locate and destroy them before they can be used.

This is an action, adventure, thriller film by director Lewis Teague. An elite Navy Seals unit set out to locate and destroy a stockpile of US-built Stinger missiles that have fallen into terrorist hands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paige T (br) wrote: The story was slow, annoying and torturing and painful to watch. Justin Timberlake's character was annoying and sometimes irritating. Kate Mara was great and shows that has some depth and talented. Jeff Bridges was charming, fun to watch, and amazing. There some moments that were great. Overall, the rest of the cast was great, the writing lacked comedy, flow, speed and overall humor.

Leigh R (us) wrote: Crazy fun.... and I mean crazy.

Matt C (kr) wrote: Not the best war movie but decent to watch

Deborah W (gb) wrote: cute and kinda boring. okay movie

Chris M (de) wrote: Surprisingly good fun given the leaden nature of its lead actors. An excellent ensemble help out and there are plenty of worse ways to spend 100 minutes, so long as you're not after masterpiece theatre.

Bryan P (au) wrote: Death warrant sees Van Damme star as an undercover police officer in a prison what is having alit of deaths. Once in he uncovers what is going on and comes face to face with the sandman, one of his past villains. Plenty of fights but not sure what goes on with Van Dammes voice at times

Mike L (ag) wrote: You killeded my brutha!

Reece L (mx) wrote: Lion of the Desert possesses several problems that generally prove to be staples of historical epics (thinly-drawn characters, overwhelmingly bloated length, well-trod narrative dynamic focusing on a rebellion and an evil empire), and makes several ethical missteps by casting white actors to play Libyan historical icons. That being said, there are poignant moments, such as the intercutting of actual footage of Libyan concentration camps and the several excellently staged battle sequences. Flawed as it may be (there's no excuse for its nearly four hour running time), Lion of the Desert still effectively deconstructs the effects of Italian fascism and powerfully condemns western imperialism; these are enough to make it a success.

Michael T (gb) wrote: Sexy and strange but a bit slow-moving.

Joshua B (it) wrote: The only version I saw of this was the MST3K guys, as "The Film Crew", doing a commentary to it and was hilarious. The movie itself was horrible.

Katie R (fr) wrote: I adore this movie so much. It's an extremely sweet, charming and funny romantic comedy. This was Jack Lemmon's first major film role, and it's definitely a star-maker. Judy Holiday is so adorable and charming. They have really strong chemistry and make a cute pairing. The premise is pretty unique. All rolled together, they make for a great film.

Duggy L (ca) wrote: HORRIFICALLY awesome. There is a plot line. Seriously! The acting is actually not terrible. That being said, its not a "good" movie by any means. They rip off charlies angels pretty bad and it lacks genuine excitement. But its pretty fun to watch anyway.

Jim J (br) wrote: I'm a Chet Baker fan. I watched about 3 minutes and turned it off. I hated it. Bitterly disappointed. They didn't bother to get the trumpet sounding anything close to right for Chet or Miles. Isn't really about music? apparently not. Then overly sexualised crap. I hate hollywood. So boring. Give us the real story. Not the BS about famous people again and again. AND GET THE MUSIC RIGHT FFS!