Based on F. Dostkeyfski's "The Meek One", this is the saga of a Bombay-based antique dealer-cum-money lender, who at the age of 40, marries a woman who is 17, and brings her home to his ...

Based on F. Dostkeyfski's "The Meek One", this is the saga of a Bombay-based antique dealer-cum-money lender, who at the age of 40, marries a woman who is 17, and brings her home to his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (gb) wrote: One of those micro budgeted, small scale comedy dramas that has an improvised feel where the characters feel vivid and brought to life by a very talented cast. Happy Christmas is not without incident - boyfriends, husbands, sex, alcohol, drugs - but what it's really about is the power of female friendships. It's also masterful in its unassuming, natural tone.

Joel C (fr) wrote: I liked this movie, but I didn't love it, the best thing about this movie are the fight scenes and the 1st movie is wayyyyyy better. 2 and a half stars.

Klint D (de) wrote: Loved it! Best band ever!!!

Dan S (kr) wrote: ... a first-rate drama about a young girl in Teheran, about to be married, who goes to work as a maid for a middle-class family and discovers that the grown-up world of marriage has many surprises in store.

Kevin M (nl) wrote: Fun and funny. Good action and humor, A good illustration of the consummate reluctant hero and a fallen woman doing the right thing.

nasosecco a (us) wrote: Gran film, coraggioso, pieno di tensione e girato molto bene. Da vedere, una piccola perla.

Travis H (es) wrote: A movie that manages to be many thigns all at once. Crass, yet touching. Very loveable characters. A great ensemble. And one hell of a hilarious ending.

Jaime R (kr) wrote: I blame this movie for killing parody.

Sarah S (jp) wrote: This movie has no character development and a poorly thought out plot. It's so bad it literally makes me angry.

Joe L (ag) wrote: this period in film features some of the most harrowing rape scenes ever depicted. between this, 'the virgin spring,' and 'viridiana,' i'm seriously worried about the global psyche of the early 1960's. 'rocco' is about an extended italian family of 4 brothers attempting to survive in the big city. each brother is given a vignette detailing his struggle, as the larger plot centers around pretty-boy (all the brothers are pretty, really) and reluctant hero rocco's rise to fame as a boxer determined to raise money necessary to dig his family out of both debt and dishonor. it's a melodramatic riff on 'on the waterfront' that nearly spirals out of control but is held in check by luchino visconti's direction, a master of epic melodrama.

Shane J (mx) wrote: A modern take on the old jekyll and hyde story, doesn't really work. not sure on the casting of scott? he seems unable to do an american accent for when he's good or would you believe it a english accent for his evil side. Bit slow and not alot really happens apart from a trial!! They should have just gone with the psycho killer route with some cop or friend trying to capture him.

Bryan S (ca) wrote: Felt just like a play... excellent film! Just incredible performances!

Jamie C (de) wrote: Brilliant and very clever film, A great twist at the end, Brilliantly acted by all the cast, Had me hooked from start to finish, A must see film with some great action scenes and its ability to keep us shocked.

Yannick T (gb) wrote: Very nice acting, stages, paintings, very beautifull, but the story is to boring... I do not recommend anyone this movie

Muhammed S (gb) wrote: Don't you even think about it!

Tom S (de) wrote: This is a quirky movie I saw when it came out. It's worth a second look not for the special effects but for it's surprisingly solid storyline. Ask yourself this: Wouldn't this have qualified as one of the better Twilight Zone episodes? The teenage protagonist isn't a horn-dog nerd using magical powers to get sex (e.g., WEIRD SCIENCE), but a guy with a feeling for machinery but not an aptitude for traditional academics--not that he wouldn't like to be able to do that stuff, too. And not to be missed is the cameo of President Eisenhower explaining how the flying saucer got thrown in a junkyard.