Geeta lives a poor lifestyle near Charni Road, Bombay, along with her widowed mom, and a younger collegian sister, Vasanti. The family is dependent on Geeta, who uses a sewing machine to ...

Geeta lives a poor lifestyle near Charni Road, Bombay, along with her widowed mom, and a younger collegian sister, Vasanti. The family is dependent on Geeta, who uses a sewing machine to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex S (ru) wrote: It's got excellent performances and is able to create a great atmosphere, but Hard Candy fails to live up to that atmosphere by never really acting on its promises. In other words, the audience is constantly waiting for the characters to act on what they say they're going to do, but they never do.

Robert G (de) wrote: Great bumbaclot movie !!

Angela C (jp) wrote: Is that what you call horror?

Peter S (us) wrote: Great location, twisted plot.

Tristan S (gb) wrote: i cant understand why so many hate this it realy is a lot of fun and Harrison Ford is fantastic

Stephen M (nl) wrote: A notorious British shocker from the Seventies in which Barbara Markham runs a correctional institution for girls who have been let of lightly by the British courts. Usherette, I demand a refund!!! I only watched this because I thought it would be enjoyably awful and it turns out be tolerably well acted and directed. There's even suspense and a couple of nifty twists! This is an outrage!!! Joking aside, House of Whipcord isn't bad at all. The photography is very murky, making it difficult to see what is going on much of the time, particularly in the outdoor scenes, but with better production values it could have been a little gem. Mischievously, the movie is prefaced by a plea for the reinstatement of corporal and capital punishment and then proceeds to show the systematic torture and murder of a group of innocents held on trumped-up charges. Of course, most of the nastiness is suggested and it's all very tame by today's standards, though the film remains memorable for its oppressive atmosphere, the bleakness of its resolution and the unusual amount of sympathy extended to the villains. As one might expect, the token lesbian warders are present and correct - there's even a whiff of incest between Markham's character and her son - but it's interesting to note that House of Whipcord is actually less prurient than much of the otherwise insipid, more mainstream horror fare being released around the same time.

Jarret C (es) wrote: This movie is a complete travesty. Now, after watching it twice in my life, I've wasted about four hours of my life that are non-refundable. Michael Bay should simply not be allowed to do anything besides jockey grocery bags at Save-a-lot. It's sorta like someone gave Michael Bay all the ingredients for a great cheesecake, and said "Here's everything you need Michael, just put it together and cook it and it will turn out great." But instead, he looked at all the ingredients for a few minutes, made a giant raspberry noise, spit in his palm and smashed the ingredients off the table. Then he walked over to the fridge and took out a block of cheese and a loaf of bread, put the two items on the floor, dropped trou and deuced on em, stomped the cheese with his clod-hoppers, and then put on a dress and squatted on the broadside of a tennis racket. Then he took the poopy racket, the mushed cheese and the trampled bread and handed it to the public and said "I MADE A CHEESECAKE FOR YOUUU" How do you screw up a great concept, great cast, and infinite budget??? OH i know how, you add 240 excessive explosions, a really annoying Aerosmith song, and put Michael Bay in the directors chair. Thank God he didn't make me deal with Shia Labouf again. Thank god he didn't cast Steven Tyler for a speaking role. And thank the merciful god above that they won't let him touch any thing else besides the already rotten egg series that is Transformers. In closing, I hope Michael Bay gets smashed in the face by a damn asteroid.

Martin G (mx) wrote: For an Aussie film this isnt that bad and not what i expected when it got to the end of the film.

Lucas G (ru) wrote: Paranormal Activity is scary and smart, the perfect combination.