• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:reenactment,  

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Rigo S (es) wrote: Slugs o Muerte Viscosa, how it's called here, is a nice piece of art from the creator of Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche.

Niket C (ru) wrote: On of the worst movies ever made in bollywood..And the ratings given by rotton tomatoes is exactly why I hate them(rotton tomatoes).Such stupid critics,,

Ellie L (it) wrote: just a bit boring. I kept falling asleep

JY S (es) wrote: Mutant Girls Squad. 3 directors. 3 chapters. No complex plot. No award winning acting. No impressive CG effects. No problem.After a bloody and appealing introduction, Tak Sakaguchi kicks off the film. The first chapter successfully introduces the characters, and story for what it's worth, while playing on Sakaguchi's strength, which is the action. The violent and fast paced street fighting action becomes the best of the film.Noboru Iguchi steps behind the camera for the second chapter and continues to build on the characters and story. The action also becomes more violent and gory with less focus on choreography.Yoshihiro Nishimura's final chapter lets it all out with major emphasis on the wacky over the top gore effects. Other than the violence, this chapter is the least pleasing, although the film definitely ends with a bang.Yumi Sugimoto, Yuko Takayama, and Suzuka Morita all do fine jobs at making this picture enjoyable. Suzuka Morita is truly adorable when she is not spilling other people's guts. Tak Sakaguchi, who directs the first chapter, has got quite the character himself.Mutant Girls Squad falls along the lines of the other Japanese gore films of the last few years. Just sit back and let the buckets of wacky blood spilling commence.

Casey L (ru) wrote: interesting idea, so i'll give it two. but i couldn't get over the horrendous CG. wouldn't normally be a big deal except most of the movie is CG, so it gets pretty unbearable after a while.

Juan L (it) wrote: This movie has you in the realm of reality throughout the length of it. Very suspenseful, only problem was the ending. Could've ended better.

Stephanie F (it) wrote: I don't like the ending but if you just focus on Natalie and Robert before that, it's simply divine. He looks sooo good and she is, as ever, gorgeous.

Tim C (es) wrote: Fresh from the TCM premiere, a movie unlike any other movies at the time of the Hays Code. A woman falls for a WWI pilot(John Lund), who has one night of intimacy with him( that they do not show) and becomes pregnant by him, only to hear that his plane crashed and him dead, and thus the story of the plight of being a single mother begins.

Greg W (au) wrote: This isn't really so much a movie as it is just an excuse to show the movie-going audience some of what goes into making an animated film. And you know what? That's absolutely fine by me.

Lukas G (nl) wrote: 6 Bullets was a lower budget "Taken" type of movie. Not a copycat but with a similar plot! For its budget, 6 Bullets was entertaining and action packed!

Auramadeus M (br) wrote: Film inteligente, sin caer en pretensiones. Buen gusto, gun concreto y Hellen Mirren. 7/10

Allan C (nl) wrote: So I got suckered by the oldest trick in the low-budget film marketing game. I saw Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren top billed and all over the poster, but they are barely supporting characters who are hardly in the movie until the very end. What the film is really about is Scott Adkins having his family killed by masked Universal Soldiers and he then spends the rest of the film seeking his revenge. Despite the bait and switch on who the stars of the film are, the action was surprisingly good for a low budget action film, particularly the fight sequences. It also helped that there was pretty much wall-to-wall action, which is enough to hold action film fans interest, though I'm not sure the action/sci-fi/horror revenge story is enough to hold non-action fan's attention, but I do think the story was a bit more of a head-trip than I'd expected for a direct-to-video, past-their-prime action star flick.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Interesting looking but dull.