Neapolitan Turk

Neapolitan Turk

Totò, one of Italy's all-time great comedians, stars as a Neopolitan petty criminal named Don Felice... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent T (us) wrote: Je m'attendais a une comedie humoristique mais il n'en est rien.Ton plutot serieux, C. Frot joue simple et naturel et c'est ce qui fait que justement le film est tres plaisant a regarder. Et puis toute cette cuisine, ca donne faim ;)

Paula K (us) wrote: A somewhat bizarre, often disturbing, animated feature for adults.

Tuomas R (fr) wrote: Ihan jees dokkari, joka on vhn levlln. Eli punainen lanka tavallaan on mutta se kiert sitten jokaisen mahdollisen paikan. Hieman parempi fokus olisi ollut paikallaan. Mys muutama "puhuvista pist" on turha ja eivt tuo mitn lisarvoa keskusteluun.

Brad S (mx) wrote: Execellent account of life in the slums of Haiti during political turmoil. Features a scores with and appearances by Wyclef Jean.

Brandon S (br) wrote: It's a glass of whiskey with flashes of brilliance, but it's been watered-down by what I have a hunch is studio meddling. This is a prime example of the makers not quite understanding the property they purchased.That being said, I can't deny that the action was tremendous, and Mark Wahlberg appears to be trying.

Jonathan D (ag) wrote: This does her justice. Beautiful.

Simon M (it) wrote: Downbeat, comedy drama about depression, family and finding meaning in life.

Gerald D (kr) wrote: A pretty decent movie. Very wholesome. A nice throwback to the slapstick movies of the 30s with moral knundrums. Interesting to see how professional Football came about. It helped that I loved the music from that time era.

Tim S (kr) wrote: Strong premise but with an unsatisfactory pace.

Matt A (kr) wrote: A very well made family friendly version of Clive Cussler's novel,Raise The Titanic was written and filmed with the unknown knowledge that the famous ocean liner was still in one piece after the sinking.With decent special effects and minatures,a thing of the time,the film is also set during the still existed cold war with Russia.With a very impressive salvaging scene with the ship being raised,the film also has a sweeping score by John Barry.Most Titanic purists have blasted this film for being "innacurate"Oh,well,it is fiction people!Raise The Titanic shows that if you can accept this premise,you can have yourself a pretty good time overall.

James H (au) wrote: Some of the special effects are good, some very phony looking, but no matter what, they must have looked very good in 1964. Undeniably imaginative, and has a fascinating view of space travel. Entertaining and very well made. Ray Harryhausen's touch in films always is a plus. He was a special effects genius prior to computers.