Nearing Grace

Nearing Grace

Did you ever wish you could get the hottest girl in school? This is the story of how non-jock Henry (Gregory Smith) indeed gets the girl, Grace (Jordana Brewster), but not without complications.

In the shadow of a family loss, the youngest son develops interest in an attractive high school classmate, paying little mind of her athletic boyfriend or of his own female best friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew K (gb) wrote: This movie goes above and beyond the idea at it's core. It's kind of like the What We Do In The Shadows of witch movies only with a little more horror.

Luck D K (ca) wrote: It lets us enjoy the beauty of the sea through the life of a sinner from his father. Even if it's hard for a young child to have divorced parents, we would have preferred more intent on the story because this is a moment of their lives and this is not exceptional and conclusion that could be better imagined. We would have preferred more emotion and action are quite repetitive because the theme does not change and focuses too much on fishing. There are incredible and touching more lives than this one.

Matthew I (es) wrote: A great documentary about the Manchester band , one to watch alongside the excellent Anton Corbijn movie ' Control'

Don S (nl) wrote: I watched Interview with a Vampire so many years ago I don't even remember it. I ran across this sequel and decided I'd give it a go even though they skipped a book between the two. This is mainstream vampire fluff; average effects with a lesser than average story. Guy forms a band to have fun and wreck havoc on his people. Leads to predictable outcome. Aaliyah showed lots of pluck as the Queen. Not much stands out.

Ty C (it) wrote: Absolutely terrible... avoid this like the plague. P.S. Terry Funk sans moustache = hideous

Mark D (mx) wrote: Another obvious 'influence' on 'kill bill'. Really strong start that slowed in the middle and picked up. Typical Samurai film really, except with the nakedness. Some beautiful fight sequences, and excellent use of blood and gore (Kill Bill). Hated the love story though with Lindberg, who i thought was wasted. But our heroine was class, and i recommend to Samurai and Exploitation fans.

Jeremiah Z (nl) wrote: Unique film noir d'Ed Wood. Sans doute le plus mauvais

Steve G (fr) wrote: Definitely shows its age.... there are better re-tellings of the Arthurian saga.

TheScarlatescu R (it) wrote: Greatest Femmes Fatales in Classic Film Noir

Alice V (br) wrote: Not as good as da ovvers - what happened?

Andy A (kr) wrote: Ten years later, I still cannot help crying when watching this movie. What you'll get putting Gable and Powell in one movie, EXCELLENCE!!

Mitchell B (de) wrote: Anyone who doesn't like this movie is crazy. The incredible acting and storyline make this one of the greatest movies of all time,

Seth Y (gb) wrote: This movie had the potential to be really good. The story sounds interesting and exciting, which you think would translate well on-screen. Unfortunately, this film suffers from an identity crisis that made it really hard for me to get into it. It's a serious story based on true events, but some of the time it almost feels like you're getting a comedy vibe, which doesn't really work well. I think a darker, more dramatic tone would have made this film a lot better.

Jacob L (ca) wrote: This film is such an unpleasant, tasteless and for the most part an uninspired rip-off of the film Friday the 13. The only reason that this isn't given a one star is the original somewhat creative ending. But even that is a bit tasteless and overall doesn't save the movie from being undesirable in my opinion. Igive it 2 stars out of 5.