Farmer Jürg can't believe it: His wife Fränzi has had enough and takes off for two weeks, leaving him to look after their farm, the children and his forgetful father Karli all by himself. Jürg has no choice but to take things in hand. He soon realizes that his wife is right, his father isn't just 'forgetting on a bit' - he has Alzheimer. Faced with the challenge of a lifetime Jürg comes up with all sorts of ideas to get his father to do his part.

Farmer Jürg can't believe it: His wife Fränzi has had enough and takes off for two weeks, leaving him to look after their farm, the children and his forgetful father Karli all by himself. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael T (gb) wrote: The less said about the plot of The Swimmer, based on John Cheever's haunting short story, the better. Burt Lancaster plays a resident of an upper class Connecticut neighborhood (backyard pools, horse stables, chauffer's, and tennis courts) who emerges one late summer afternoon in the backyard of a neighbor he has not seen for awhile wearing only swimming trunks and declares his ambition to swim home from pool to pool in his affluent suburban neighborhood. Something is not quite right here and the viewer quickly begins to wonder just what is going on with the protagonist through a series of revelatory interactions with the characters he meets. The recent Grindhouse Films Blu-Ray release is worth checking out.

Tim M (gb) wrote: Aims for Dazed and Confused, hits somewhere around Can't Hardly Wait. So, terrible. I'm prone to like these sorts of movies, but this was trash. Only decent thing about it was the occasional decent shot and a couple of attractive girls. The soundtrack wasn't even any good. Plus, it has possibly the worst title ever, but at least that's so bad it's king, unlike the movie.

Andres A (ru) wrote: Bien filmada, trata con altura un tema sensible, pero con minutos de mas. Ah, esos minutos... los problemas que te pasan cuando sos frances: tus trajes negros nunca se arrugan, unas minas infernales se te tiran encima, y la jornada laboral de 6 horas te deja demasiado tiempo libre para deprimirte y hablar como si estuvieras libreteado. Narrada por La Voz En Off Existencialista De Las Peliculas Francesas.

Todd G (es) wrote: Good, for a brit film

brendan n (au) wrote: great idea but why did the film have such a confusing story line. the story is the major let down to one of the most ambitious films in australian history. compared to the films that are made in australia this is a breath of fresh air that didn't see any government funding go its way. alot like the saw franchise australia is denied the right for these filmmakers to create these films within our system and its annoying. the film could of done without some of the special effects and more story to create something truely magnificant. the directors have set up a story that will hopefully move them onto better things. some decent direction but over all a film that had more hope then execution

Jason D (de) wrote: Seen it, own it, love it. Recommend it.

Eliabeth R (mx) wrote: one of the greatest documentaries i have ever seen...its seriously not given enough cred.

Glen S (ag) wrote: absolute perfection entertainment. Steve martin has never topped this one. Michael Cane was excellent

Emeka W (br) wrote: Absolute worst movie of the franchise...Why they ever agreed to this is beyond me.

Tristan M (de) wrote: Almost all of Al Pacinos movies are hits, but unfortunately this one isn't so successful. He's let down by a not so great script, and although his acting is good, that of the other characters is often pretty poor. So that would be the second biggest letdown, the other main one being the story itself. So a women did all the gruesome murders, which is very unlikely yet possible, and she is a friend of Jack, who is one of the best detectives around yet he can't figure out she did them. The murderers plan to get away with the murdered is crazy! Placing Jacks DNA and finger prints all over the crime scene somehow and even going to lengths of getting someone to provide the murderer with his semen to put on the victim? How can this ever be properly done, and how can the murderer get someone to provide her with those things yet not have her get caught? So that's just a mess of confusion and stuff that dosent make sense. And the biggest problem, there's no way in hell that all the stuff in the movie can take place in 88 minutes. It's IMPOSABLE. He runs all over the entire city to get to we're he needs to be, just the moving around between important scenes would take more than 88 minutes. From the time the call is first made, to the time his time is up, it's about 88 minutes of movie time, not to mention all the time I between scenes when he's moving to the next location. So that alone makes the movie impossable. As for the mystery part, it really was impossable to figure out, and it had three seperate times that someone said they were the murderer and it turned out to be someone else. Too many twists in the ending minutes, combined with the other things said above, and this movie really has a long list of troubles. Not too great of a film, and one of Al Pacinos worst movies.