An aging, booze-addled father takes a trip from Montana to Nebraska with his estranged son in order to claim what he believes to be a million-dollar sweepstakes prize.

Woody Grant, an elderly addicted man living in Nebraska is fooled bonus so he goes to reclaim the justice. Accompanying with him on the trip is his son David… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay B (it) wrote: I wanted more from The Howling... and I wanted it at a more entertaining pace. I'm already hard on werewolf movies & Dee Wallace movies... but I love Joe Dante movies! The Howling, simply, bored me. Of course, some of the visuals are great '80s fun, but they certainly don't age well and I don't have the nostalgia for this film to make them enduring. "Conspiracy" type endings are quite lame as well.

Igor A (au) wrote: neznam dali znaete, ali David Cronenberg, David Lynch i Lars Von Trier se natprevaruvaat poslednive godini, koj ke snimi poglup film, navistina ne bi mozel da pogodam koj ke pobedi...

Paul A (fr) wrote: its ok but not really worth watching, the part where the woman gets the hatchet in her head and says "its been ages since i last listened to pink floyd" was amazing...some bad acting, and false scenerios make this a little dumb

Walker B (br) wrote: Satin is good times and Melissa Joan Hart really stands out in this performance. Front row for Jack Satin at the Stardust would be a guaranteed memorable night!

bill s (de) wrote: Really bad sequel and while the first was overrated it's miles above this movie.

mike h (nl) wrote: not bad for a roller boogie film, usually stay away from any kind of dance movie, but this one really surprised me, really well done, great cast, music, story, everything, made me feel like i was in the 70s, and roller boogie was cool again, was it ever.

Stefan G (fr) wrote: Although the past decade has rendered its subject matter somewhat outdated, it's still an outrageously hilarious and innovative comedy film. The film itself is mostly famous for what I called the whole "South Park meets Thunderbirds on drugs" approach, wherein all characters and celebrities are played by square-jawed marionettes, and it's funnier than most of the newer South Park episodes that were being produced. Perhaps the film's director invested more time and energy into one project rather than the other, but that's beside the point. The plot is a little thin, but to fair, that's not supposed to be the film's strength to begin with. The same could be said about the characters, but the script is really good. The characters work very well primarily because they're blatant caricatures. They're essentially the tools for unflinching satire of both serious world events (as they were over a decade ago) and ridiculous action film clichs. In fact, it's this absurd silliness and gleeful action, however crude it may seem, that manages to erase the film's weaknesses. Without it, Team America simply wouldn't have worked.

Tim W (de) wrote: A almost surreal action packed thriller exciting throughout, with colourful charactors.

Stef (ru) wrote: I think this might be the first movie I've ever seen where all the human actors were (UNintentionally) overshadowed by a dog. And the humans weren't bad, either, so that should give you a clue of how friggin' fantastic that dog was.Werewolf-wise, not a bad movie. The plot was pretty good, and while the transformation scene kind of sucked, the resulting werewolf was one of the better ones I've seen. Considering the year this movie was made, I'm impressed.

Dan O (gb) wrote: J'ai bien aime cette film la.

ScubaSteve Walter M (ag) wrote: The series takes a drastic disappointment in this installment. In Zatoichi's new quest, it tries to show a compelling story between him and the Yakuza bosses. As interesting as it looks, the storyline is boring. It doesn't even provide audiences a single sword fight. The only fight we can see is at the end, where he battles a lot of men, probably his biggest kills in the series. Despite of this mishap, Zatoichi has met an valuable enemy samurai in the film, almost the same level of skill as he has, then again there's not much encounters from Zatoichi and the said samurai. But I got to say, that scene where Zatoichi cuts the sake bottle and dice is epic. A true brilliance of his sword mastery. That's the only good thing about this movie.

Steff A (fr) wrote: Such a wonderful film. Once again J.J. makes a film about life's odd characters and triumphs in doing so. Imagine what could be happening at the same time in five different cities inside cabs. A great deal of interesting things. Jarmusch writtes such amazing stories and dialogues and portrays them with visual flair. A great cast and a subtle original soundtrack by Tom Waits round up this beautiful film just nice.

Teonna B (it) wrote: Whack whack whack......this so sucked to me!!!!

Al K (fr) wrote: OH my gosh that ending! Wow, it's hard to imagine this actually happened. I'm glad the doctor had the guts to do what he did. I won't spoil it, go watch it!