A model discovers her wealthy husband is a dangerous drug dealer. She leaves him, taking along two million dollars of his money, but what she really wants is custody of their daughter. She hatches a plan to abduct her daughter and take her to safety. Meanwhile, her husband dispatches someone to find and eliminate her. (IMDb)

A model discovers her wealthy husband is a dangerous drug dealer. She leaves him, taking along two million dollars of his money, but what she really wants is custody of their daughter. She ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Necessity torrent reviews

Duncan W (au) wrote: Genuinely torturous. Awful.

Justin L (mx) wrote: Fucking stupid, but what do you expect from Dimension Extreme, bringers of crap horror to a Best Buy near you!? I could not help but think of it as an even more decadent rendition of the equally stupid Devil's Rejects. Don't get me wrong, I watched it and I enjoyed it, but I have a soft spot for trash.

Elaine M (es) wrote: Even though the always amazing Brittany Murphy gives an incredible performance as a very decent character, it must be said that this entire movie was saved by the final 5 seconds. Karen Allen's character is one of the most irritatingly horrible ever to show on screen which does make the movie quite tiring to watch, but once you're past that, it's an original drama with a crap script that Brittany Murphy somehow manages to compensate for, just by being brilliant. An unbearable flaw really brings this one down- watching a single mother constantly hugging kissing and apologising to her only child is boring as fuck, and makes me want to puke up my kidneys. Otherwise great...

Magics H (de) wrote: Since watching this movie for the first time, I couldn't stop - I have to watch it at least once every two days now. It's fantastic :)

Lady D (it) wrote: A down to Earth comedy, set in 70's Manchester, England. East is East, is one of a few comedies from the 90's to bridge the gap of curiosity when it comes to race and religion, but the film also deals with domestic abuse and general family issues. With the right amount of comedy and the right amount of seriousness, this is a fun watch, with many hidden messages.

Jamie C (br) wrote: Very entertaining from the word go even with a not so new plot but it's well done and it has some solid action scenes that still look good today, Arnie does what he does best and that's all we ask from him, If you're into action films this will not disappoint.

Chris (ag) wrote: James Garner saving the day in a fucking tank, it's as awesome as it sounds.

Daniel M (gb) wrote: really great movie. another example of the diversity of john wayne.

Clay S (de) wrote: I wasn't necessarily a fan of Depp's depiction of Willy Wonka, but he looked fantastic. The makeup and the teeth are amazing. Across the board, the coloring, makeup, sets and costumes are stunning. One major exception to the stunning visuals is the CGI on the children's characters. Seeing Violet flip out of the factory was embarrassingly unbelievable. Also, I thought the songs were weak. The only element more forgettable than the songs was the duplicate Oompa Loompa character(s). Just because you can use digital effects to do something doesn't mean you should...

Mike S (us) wrote: Thought the adaption to the real life story was amusing and entertaining, it was tastefully written, but overall, it kind of lacked in many ways. There was a few points in the middle of the movie where it was extremely boring and I thought Jon Hamm was lacking in this one.

Spencer G (us) wrote: I liked it. Much better than the second one

Ada D (br) wrote: The Deep Blue Sea is a film from Terence Davies based on a stage play with the same name. Starring a great cast Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston and Simon Russell. It's a dramatic dark romance about love and lust after World War II. An award winning pilot starts an affair with a emotionally troubled woman who is married to a boring older gentleman. She is longing for love and excitement. The film has a great story, a great cast but beware it is a very slow film that may put you to sleep.