The Polish government issued a burial fund to the relatives of any deceased citizen. Now the undertakers of Lodz in Poland have figured out a way to lay their greedy hands on those funds. By paying ambulance drivers to get the information where the unfortunate relatives live, they went there with contracts to get the relatives to sign over the burial funds to the undertakers. The idea was that while the relatives was still struck with grief and sorrow, they wouldn't want to read through a thick contract and just sign it instead. Things really went ugly when the ambulance drivers figured out that they would make more money if more people died.

The Polish government issued a burial fund to the relatives of any deceased citizen. Now the undertakers of Lodz in Poland have figured out a way to lay their greedy hands on those funds. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron E (us) wrote: Overhyped and a slow-paced storyline. The only thing to save this silly mess is the visual effects and even then it still manages to be ludicrous and completely over-the-top.

Manuel M (jp) wrote: Overgehypte sequel van beast cops. Heeft zeker sterke stukken maar over het algemeen behoorlijk langdradig

Ski C (br) wrote: Man I can relate to this movie!

Kim M (es) wrote: Nearly all the characters in this movie are easy to dislike but I found myself watching with morbid interest the outcome of their plotting after the discovery of a body buried in the forest. The relationships between the young people in this movie are actually quite intriguing.

Elin W (gb) wrote: strange strange good but strange

Thomas (jp) wrote: Although I personally would have loved to see more of the old man's love story, this is a pretty terrific description of human emotions. It's poetically romantic, and leaves you with plenty of food for thought.

Paul C (ru) wrote: Beautifully shot and fascinating. Really amazing stuff.

Jared G (ag) wrote: One of the better Roger Corman cheapies, this one's got a surprisingly decent cast. But the alien is one of the more laughable villains to come down the pike and the plot is dull.

Russell G (mx) wrote: An odd film for Howard Hawks. This one really concentrates on the building of the pyramids, in a real detailed way. It kinda drags, and the big procession scene at the start is just retardedly long. That said, for a big hollywood spectacal that is more realistic then romantic, you can't go wrong.

Doug H (gb) wrote: An example of a perfect movie.

Ms Amanda J (jp) wrote: "Yeah, you saved my soul." NICE mood music for ice skating. The aforementioned song number (sang by Canadian artist Burton Cummings - fit for this movie since it's a Canadian production) begins during what many call the best and scariest scene in the movie (featuring Lesleh Donaldson). But I disagree - there are many more, such as the ending confrontation between the killer and the remaining survivor(s). Who's the culprit? With Stryker, Samantha, and six actresses in the mansion, process of elimination comes to mind. But there are still unanswered questions, as a final twist is revealed even when the killer is known. Somewhat heavy if you're expecting a by the numbers slasher. There's some vulgar language in this movie that surprised me because it was in bad taste (but humorous nonetheless). There's a memorable scene with a stuffed dog talking dirty, thanks to the aid of Patti (Lynne Griffin), the actress who brings comic relief to the group of women. One review for this movie stated that they couldn't tell the six actresses apart. I personally had little problem with that and my favorite is probably Laurian Summers (Anne Ditchburn) because she is so delicate and well mannered. Overall, Curtains isn't by any means a consistent or polished horror movie - you'll be saying "what was the point of that and what happened to using that element for the rest of the film" - but it's definitely passable and worth watching.

Mike B (mx) wrote: Imaginative anthropomorphism, selectively applied. Empathetic penguins are antagonized by single-minded predators. But penguins are predators, too! And the fish on which their diet depends remains a mindless foodstuff, denied even the slightest modicum of agency. I'd love to see a mash-up feature in which Nemo, having been found, follows Sven to Mumble's Antarctica. Would my 3 year old niece still cheer the Penguins' liberation from their icy prison if it meant Nemo and Dori get ingested for their caloric value?The krill subplot, centered around the only two krill of a countless swarm not denied agency on their quest for evolutionary self-determination, is wildly amusing. In the end, they have actually managed to alert the mindless herd to the perils of climate change. Brilliant.

Jairo A (mx) wrote: Surprisingly some people love this movie, WHY?! Sure the make up is very creative, but what the hell is this movie really about? I have no idea...Anyway, it's a rental/Netflix type movie at best. There's nothing special about this movie. Overall, it's not terrible but it's definitely not good either! 5/10

Ben P (it) wrote: read the synopsis..yeah. Its pure 80's cheesy adventure. Loved it

Farah R (es) wrote: I never liked these dance movies.