Itti a former police officer is a master of the dark magic. Imprisoned, he succeeds to vanish from his cell. The police, leaded by Santi, is tracking to get him back, but confronts supernatural events. Santi wishes to capture dark art master no matter what it takes, even if he must become a necromancer himself..

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Thai
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Necromancer 2005 full movies, Necromancer torrents movie

The former corrupt police officer and necromancer Itti escapes from prison using black magic and Lieutenant Santi is assigned to chase him. Santi feels the supernatural powers of Itti and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Necromancer torrent reviews

Peter B (kr) wrote: Excellent documentary. One of the best films of the year

jen m (es) wrote: i've watched this every time it was on tv :) it's surprisingly great for a disney tv movie! well put-together and excellently portrayed. nice little twists, too!

Michael S (br) wrote: The Mountie is not only a rip-off of Clint's Fistfull and The Unforgiven, but the lead actor thinks he's supposed to mimic Clint, only he mumbles a bad Clint impression. Instead of bad cowboys there are bad Cossacks in Canada who are always waving knives at people. They are in the opium trade. The Mountie is a secret stoner who likes opium too and could chill with pounds of the stuff lying around the mining camp but instead of hanging out with the Cossacks he decides to play good cop. Only he's not very good at his job and the Cossacks aren't afraid of him and beat him up a few times. We know the Mountie can shoot and at one point shoots a lot of Chinese people and even a dog but for some reason can't kill any of the Cossacks who use him for a punching bag, stab him and shoot him. This Mountie has nine lives, because when he is about to be hung with a noose around his neck he is somehow saved at the last minute. In the shootout he is saved once again by heroics from the entire cast, even the child who saved his ass earlier in the film. The Mountie has a heart and there is a tender moment with a woman but they just talk a lot looking at the aurora borealis about her life and she doesn't ask him about his life. All she wanted was a kiss. Duh! It still bothers me that his friend rode hill and dale to come help the Mountie at just the moment somebody is ready to shoot him. Why didn't the friend come about two months earlier and we wouldn't have to watch the shootout. In the end, the opium den was really a ruse because underneath is a mine that is practically spitting out big gold nuggets. In the end the Mountie gets his girl, and can be a dad to the child who keeps wandering in and out of the film without a scratch.

Audrey C (es) wrote: It was sweet and I loved the scenery.

Jamey P (mx) wrote: Fully of storytelling charm Disney's Holes is a film that entertaining for adults and kids. Good cast creating great characters its a good watch for a family when you're tired of animated features and like a good story, some clever twists, a surprise or two and a few chuckles.

Yenis (nl) wrote: I loved this movie and still do!! Gives everyone who don't get it a lil better prespective on the latin community!! I don't like the ending just cause you don't really know if they actually stay together!! I love ALEXIS!!!

Anthony B (es) wrote: The same guy who directed Dr. Giggles also directed Star Kid...enough said.

Tim S (us) wrote: This sequel to "The Terminator" managed to build on and surpass the original, in my opinion. Linda Hamilton really comes into her own as Sarah Connor in this film. Don't bother with the films in the series after this one.

Brett H (ca) wrote: A trippy-beyond-compare experience that is at times beautifully surreal, and also frustratingly incoherent. Being a casual fan of the band's work, I'm not super attached to their title album, and though it was nice hearing many of the songs for the first time, it was the rapid, music video-style editing that put me off. There is some amazing imagery that will stay with me (especially the iconic screaming face on the cover) but I will never watch this again as it's solely for hardcore fans of the band.

wild willie n (mx) wrote: not very good - only worth watching because of BURT but i really liked Jerry Reed in this, he is awesome as Bama McCall!! Still - other than that, the movie is pretty flat.

Puneet S (kr) wrote: Excellent movie, as you viewer you must be prepared for a fairly slow pace of the plot (this isnt a 'mainstream block-buster' formulaic film), however the cinematography is excellent, the movie is moving and thought-provoking and the interconnectedness that you sense at the end is quite enlightening.