'Necromania': A Tale of Weird Love!

'Necromania': A Tale of Weird Love!

A couple having marital problems (the husband can't seem to rise to the occasion) visits Madame Heles, a necromancer, in hopes of ameliorating their boudoir blunders. After an elaborate ritual with a skull, Heles' lovely assistant Tanya first takes care of another client, then moves on to the couple, each in their turn. Once she's worked with each of them on a physical level, they are ready to meet the Madame, who will decide how best to help them.

A couple having marital problems (the husband can't seem to rise to the occasion) visits Madame Heles, a necromancer, in hopes of ameliorating their boudoir blunders. After an elaborate ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


'Necromania': A Tale of Weird Love! torrent reviews

Paul G (gb) wrote: A really stupid and really funny spoof movie

Tristan J (mx) wrote: Tristan and I want to see it

Byron H (ru) wrote: It wasn't THAT bad ...

Mike T (jp) wrote: I loved this movie - and it really enlightened me and made me feel "smart" I know it's not smart, but for me, in its own weird way, its an extremely "smart" movie, in a weird, really different kind of way. I actually kind of like Steve Carell in this, and Anne Hathaway does a good job, in her pre-catwoman days! Great outtakes, and a charming unique experience loaded with goodies for people like me who need and want to "Get Smart" and this movies delivers in making me "Get Smart". I really treasure my copy of this. Somewhat stunning! An excellent summer blockbuster spoof of the Batman and James Bond rolled into one with some hilarious cameos by Bill Murray and The Great Khali. I liked the ending with the Rock's dark turn, and the tone of the movie was downright crazy sweet. It was a little saccharine but it was also quite neat in that no other movie was given to me such a sweet, quiet tone that has done it for me. I just think the Steve Carell character is legendary and his relationship with Anne Hathaway is spectacular and I loved this movie quite a bunch and it may have been a master craft, but it does not get a ten because it was a little sleek with action and did have a bit of violence and was more goofy than cinematic history. Still an excellent excellent movie.

Arthur L (nl) wrote: I was an extra in this film and that is what makes it so great!

Gregory W (ag) wrote: what dreams may come? so said shakespeare but in this dystopian drama about rebuilding civilazation.

Private U (es) wrote: Not bad. Good music. Diya Mirza and Vivek Oberoi make an adorable on-screen couple.

Dann M (jp) wrote: Ridiculously absurd, Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams is a goofy children's film that delivers some fun laughs. After being shown up by a rival team of spy kids, Carmen and Juni Cortez attempt to redeem themselves by retrieving a stolen top secret device that's been taken to a mysterious remote island. Steve Buscemi gives an excellent performance as a mad scientist, and some of the child actors (Emily Osment and Taylor Momsen) are pretty good too. Additionally, the film's tone is less zany than the original, which makes the comedy work better. Yet, while Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams has its moments, overall it's still low-budget shlock.

Dhanik M (ca) wrote: The best Vikram Bhatt movie by far. I took off half a point coz they dubbed Rani's voice in the movie!

Anthoney S (de) wrote: love my childhood monsters

Anders A (es) wrote: A beautiful Juliette Binoche setting the loss of her husband and daughter aside, and tries to make a clean pathway through her forced new-life. Emotions are colored in the chill of blueness. The visual and creative and playful shots of a young and destined woman trying to gain control over her life..

Bill B (ag) wrote: This is a film I've always heard of as something worth tracking down over the years, but it honestly left me rather cold. I mostly found it overly slow and uninteresting, even though it was apparently popular enough to warrant a sequel.Rental? Maybe?

Katherine C (es) wrote: Absolutely breathtaking. Every single scene.