In Necroville, a city overrun by zombies, vampires, werewolves, and other monsters, Jack and his best friend Alex find work at Zom-B-Gone, a monster extermination company. Battling the legions of the undead at work and desperately trying to please Penny - his horrible, selfish girlfriend - at home, Jack's two world's collide when Penny's ex-boyfriend (a master vampire) returns to town.

In Necroville, a city overrun by zombies, vampires, werewolves, and other monsters, Jack and his best friend Alex find work at Zom-B-Gone, a monster extermination company. Battling the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff H (fr) wrote: I'm not into "fine" art at all, but did thoroughly enjoy this film which I feel was a well acted and well constructed story in spite of the odd awkward moment here and there. It's definitely worth a look.

Sally J (it) wrote: if you can look pass the not-so-satisfying script and totally immerse yourself in Sean Penn's beautiful transformation. You would be rewarded. He never fails to amaze me. Truly.

Merveille S (nl) wrote: Looks cool, i might watch it

Don N (br) wrote: kind of funny in a movie about an musician who is perfectly competent yet chooses to play avant garde "difficult" music, the movie itself lacks a plot. im just left with a huge WHY?

Ashik S (ru) wrote: yet another remake of a blockbuster malayalam movie(manichitrathazhu).a real entertainer coz of d story.'vidya balan' is gr8 but not as gud as 'shobana' who did d role in d original movie. akshays really does d job. n 4 ur info d original movie wz also made in tamil n telungu too.

Brendan N (kr) wrote: I liked this thriller a lot thanks to Tom Selleck once again reprising the role of the small town police captain. This is a prequel to the first film adaption of stone cold. The film is mostly a character study of the central character with a mystery thrown in to mix things up. the mystery isn't suppose to be hidden as the villain of the piece is Stephen Baldwin who is hamming it up again. He's character isn't given a lot of play and its hard to really understand why he is doing such things. The film works better as a character study then a thriller but the film is strong including this flaw. much better then expected and hopefully the strength will continue into the next adaption

Matt J (fr) wrote: Just absolutley horrible.

Joshua D (us) wrote: Aronofsky's not so humble big screen beginning. This is a man with vision and til this day his films prove that he is capable of achieving his goal. Pi is about the story of a demented mathematician trying to find the solution to the universe's patterns. A very well thought out and written script helps narrate the dense story in-turn keeping its audience thinking and entertained. The "Lynchian" style filming is mind-bending which perfectly holds the story in a special place of insanity yet still making enough sense to matter.

Robyn M (au) wrote: "Southie has some glimmers of hope, but mostly it leaves you scratching your head lost in translation."Boston's indie is Full of established actors (IE: Amanda Peet, Rose Mcgowen) and a reputable film maker. Regardless it still doesn't put into account how choppy and confusing the storyline is one minute i'm fully engrossed in the story. The next i'm lost, unsure what the heck is going on.

Jorge D (es) wrote: Alex de la Iglesia se atreve en su debut con un cyberpunk a lo absurdo que resulta muy divertido y entretenido.

Paul C (ru) wrote: I hadn't seen this in years, but bought it because I also bought Tales From The Crypt, which I also love - but I actually think From Beyond The Grave is superior. A great mix of humour - horror - creepy stories - some great actors - Cushing is perfect in the shop keeper role and I love the clairvoyant. And Diana Dors! What a great battleaxe... I guess I've always preferred Amicus films to Hammer, I think because I prefer the contemporary setting and the portmanteau anthology style. People are often saying that short stories are dead these days - but you'd think films like this would be even more popular than ever what our bite-sized life-styles. A 100% classic as far as I'm concerned.

Jonah R (gb) wrote: Feels dated and lacks any real substance.

Connor B (br) wrote: A masterpiece horror film of the 1950s and a Dracula adaptation arguably better than the Lugosi version.

Gregory W (ru) wrote: great EFX for its time

Galvy F (gb) wrote: When we revolve the time qhen we first met someone 2e loved. When we revolved around someone that breaks our heaRt in the end. When we naturally think life revolves around us when we got loyal friends and family. When naturally we depend on thkngs that revolve when it transports us, it moves us, it is industry that influence us, it is built in us. When we have a solar system that revolving is natural when we have four seasons and a sun. 2hen we revolve around holidays each year to work for a greeting card company. When we share the same common revolving interests. When we gave always revolved around ourselves and share the same similarities when they do to and others to them. When revolving around some things is just who We are and shapes our habits. When we revolve around things when we strive for perfection. 2hen not everyone shares in what we revolve around. When our brains are wired to revolve when we have songs that stick in our head when they are catchy. 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The A (au) wrote: Very entertaining and visually pleasing film from the last days of 2D animation. There is no doubt in my mind that this film would have received higher ratings had it not been in competition at the time with the still relatively new Pixar animation studios.Rating: B+

Randolph T (us) wrote: Sad to say that this one fell short compared to the excellent prequel. Nevertheless, I think it is still better than any of Pierce Bosnan's Bond Movies.

John R (mx) wrote: Haven't been able to bring myself to see any of the movies related to this incident. Get a sick feeling in my stomach just looking at the covers.