Parody of the legend of Australian bushranger Ned Kelly.

Parody of the legend of Australian bushranger Ned Kelly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arun D (ca) wrote: bheja fry kar diya..irritate karke :| Bheja Fry 2 is disappointing.Direction,story,musci n screenplay-BADfew comedy scenes

Lora R (it) wrote: Siruthai is funny and that's about the only thing I liked about this movie. The story was kind of crap and made no real sense to me. There are two people who look a-like and they meet and the other guy decides to raise the 'twin's' daughter? Yeah, very believable!I only loved Karthi and Santhanam. Karthi's performance was great and so funny and that's what I loved most about this movie. Tamannaah wasn't so good.

Martina S (ag) wrote: Ahhhh Subtexto Encantador, necesito un da del beso, de la rabia y quiz del abrazo callejero :)

Frances H (es) wrote: This film has been severely criticized as being badly directed and acted, but I found it to be powerfully moving and I liked the direction style. In this viewers humble opinion, Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore gave good performances that were deeply effecting.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Could be worth watching. Will find and devour with my eyes!

Jayakrishnan R (au) wrote: 83%Saw this on 5/10/16 Joel Schumacher is always a talent to watch out for. Michael Douglas gives a terrific performance as Robert Duvall is no short. The film is a cynical, social allegory and an effective black comedy. However, ends up like a normal thriller in the end.

(ru) wrote: Torok is an ancient troll, and he is using the body of Wendy Anne to disguise himself, in order to take over an apartment building. Wendy's newly moved family is just settling in, and while her parents suspect nothing, her brother Harry notices a change in her behavior instantly. Using an emerald ring, Torok transforms the residents into plant pods and plans to restore his old world in which he once lived in many years ago. We soon discover Torok is the ex-husband of Eunice St. Clair, a resident in the building who was married to Torok long ago before he became his transformed self.

Dave J (ag) wrote: Monday, July 18, 2011 (1954) Salt Of The Earth DRAMA Another film about immigrant workers coming from Mexico as well as other countries to work in America who're being mistreated with very low pay living in unsanitary conditions! Although we've seen this all done before, this film is strictly by the book which is a true reflection about how migrants used to be treated, for the reason was to save costs and to gain more money to the owners, in this case centers on a bunch of workers working for a coal mine, until one gets injured as a result, forcing the workers to go on strike! Made on a shoe-string budget with alot of non- professional actors but still very good because of it's history. And if Walt Disney were to make a film about fair treatment among union workers- this is what it'll probably look like since none of the main characters get killed despite intense pressure by the owners and the police officers! 3 out of 4

Alexa H (it) wrote: I heart Clark Gable! this movie is probably one of my faves

Matthew M (mx) wrote: Extremely underwhelming

Nicole T (fr) wrote: Nice cinematography and color scheme choice, although Morgan Freeman could've been a bit better.

Gabriel C (fr) wrote: A feel-good musical...

Wes S (jp) wrote: Not one of the worse sequels, I actually kind of enjoyed it. The characters are a bit corny, and the effects are horrible, but the story is decent. The puppet effects aren't too great but better than PM9. The new puppets are pretty cool too, and I really liked the music in this movie. Overall, it's a fun low-budget Puppet Master film. What more does it need to be?

William K (ca) wrote: Genuinely a Western that has everything.