Needing You...

Needing You...

Wah and Kinki both working at the same department of a computer company. Both of them are not getting on very well initially, but friendship develops when they get to know each other after a while. When Wah starts to realize his emergent fondness for Kinki, his ex-girlfriend reappears and plans to gain back his affection. In addition, he notices that his ex-girlfriend arranges a guy to pair up with Kinki. At the same time, his supervisor would like to lay him off at work.

Wah and Kinki both working at the same department of a computer company. Both of them are not getting on very well initially, but friendship develops when they get to know each other after ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yayi O (br) wrote: It's quite interesting.

Jessica H (fr) wrote: THis should have stayed in the test tude.

Jacob H (de) wrote: This is a truly African film which deals with matters of revenge and forgiveness. Unlike most films that deal with these subjects it doesn't descend it saccharine sweet tones. It shows forgiveness as what it is painful and ugly. The pacing is perfect, the lack of dialog really sets the tone well. A film which left me speechless.

Amy H (de) wrote: cheesest movie i have seen in a long time ha!

Calvin R (ru) wrote: One of the worst Dc comic films out there. It was some what of entertaining, but the cheesy cinamatic didn't redeem itself to make it decent. Annoying performance, Halle Barry spotlight couldn't save this film from its own disaster. This is top 10 worst comic book films.

Luke S (gb) wrote: lol 2 ov mi fave ppl Jet Li n DMX

Kevin D (mx) wrote: Avenging Force I used to love this movie on HBO back in 88 or so. Used to have nights where I would watch this along with Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon, Rad, and Monster Squad. Sadly the only one still on DVD or VHS is The Last Dragon, so I tracked down a copy of Avenging Force at Videorama in Potsdam. It stars the one and only Michael Dudikoff, star of such films as American Ninja, and American Ninja 2. Basic plot, a white supremist group wants to prevent a black man from becoming Senator and the whole plot takes place in New Orleans besides little moments in Texas. See Dudikoff kick white racists ass, white racists that wear masks all the time. Why masks? Well 1, its during Mardi Gras so if you dont have breasts or beads, you need a mask. 2, the group hunts people in the bayou, so the masks make it scarier. Hey its just a fun kick ass martial arts movie from the 80's whats not to love?

Diana J (jp) wrote: this was a good movie

Oscar H (jp) wrote: Billig sjuttiotalsrulle med en varulv som dampar runt i en amerikansk smstad. Klassiska gamla b-skdisar gr cameos.

Simon D (ag) wrote: Quite possibly one of the most disturbing films I've seen. I feel like I've been to a very dark place. I don't know if it was intended or not but I found this pretty scary. It's absolutely morally questionable, not only for the bad treatment of animals, but the way the dwarfs are put across as complete nutters. I can't say that I enjoyed this film but I will be telling people about it and I won't forget it, that's for sure.

Michi M (br) wrote: Come on guys, you know you want to see it.

Ryan S (kr) wrote: 1.5/5. The production design is great, but all the other highlights of Hellgate are because the movie is so bad that it is sometimes hilariously good. Great for a bad movie night, but that's about it.

Joetaeb D (ca) wrote: It's pacing and difficult premise is a bit problematic, But Big miracle has enough charm from it's cast and solid script to make it a better than average family drama.

Abel D (mx) wrote: A slow, clunky opening and a rather lackluster attempt at exploring the overly commercial-material world we live in, this late 90s Eddie Murphy offering still packs a couple of laughs, especially when G is wrecking other commercials at the network, a competent musical score by Alan Silverstri that turns from bombastic to ethereal, and even some fairly decent drama & emotional scenes, such as G curing a man of his flying fear through hypnosis and helping him find inner peace.

Preston B (de) wrote: Where's Simon Belmont when you need him?

Eric R (it) wrote: Bob is the head of a very poor household. His daughter is about to go through communion yet won't have a new dress for this right of passage. Bob is a proud man, who is endlessly devoted to his daughter and his religion. He believes this to be an incredibly important moment in his daughters life, and wants her to have the same thing as everyone else. Raising Stones follows Bob as he goes from odd job to odd job trying to make the money for his daughters dress. It's an honest, intimate portrait of a family trying to survive in times of poverty. I think the most impressive thing about the film is how humourous it is, given what its about. Bob, particularly, is a very interesting protagonist in that he is very head strong and makes foolish decisions at times, but you still find yourself rooting for him because he is a good man. It's not a flashy film or that visually interesting, though I would argue it serves the story better. It's really captures the sinking feeling one has when poverty sets in, and how the hole one digs themselves seems insurmountable.

Braeden R (ag) wrote: It was good by the way the movie is the heat