Neem Annapurna

Neem Annapurna

This somber drama follows the troubles of a rural family who moves to the big city to have a better life. Although the family is poor, they provide lodging for an old beggar while the unemployed husband searches for work. The youngest girl steals birdseed from a parrot, while the eldest girl is close to trading sex for food. The wife believes the beggar is hiding something and finds a bag of rice in his room. The beggar dies, and the wife cooks the rice for her family. Although she has provided for her family, her feelings of guilt about the old man prevent her from keeping her food down.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Larry C (gb) wrote: I do not know what people see in this movie.

Jenn T (br) wrote: Good wholesome flick.

Miranda W (ru) wrote: Channing Tatum i hott so im sure i will like it lol

Austin M (br) wrote: Quite good, actually. It was very dark and original. Some parts were melodramatic,boring, or a little dragged out but most of it was surprising. The acting was pretty good, but not very convincing. I liked how some parts were disturbing, and how the "good" mother had OCD & munchausen by proxy.

Gabriella P (ag) wrote: This movie gets half a star for clive owen and not much else.

Keith A (kr) wrote: Another good Eddie Burns movie. Not his best film but still a damn good movie that I have added to my collection

Brendan N (nl) wrote: throw logic to the wind and you will have a ball with this film. Cage should have stayed with this action genre because he was delivering a solid presence. the cast is full of top notch actors, if you like action movies then this one is for you

jamie l (mx) wrote: This was an adorable family movie. Patrick Swayze wasn't too bad, it was a good role for him.

Jon P (it) wrote: As is the norm with high-concept horror of the tongue-in-cheek variety, Killer Klowns from Outer Space isn't half as funny or as frightening as it thinks it is. However, the world would certainly be a less colourful place without it.In many a scene, director Stephen Chiodo conjures up the closest thing to a red-nosed comedy hell this side of TV's Comic Relief. Limitless pun-potential is cast aside in favour of an idiot plot and a catalogue of what-will-they-get-up-to-next shenanigans, but, even when the gags fall flat, the film is never unwatchable, unbearable or boring - the latter of which is usually a staple of the silly-pic sub-genre.In all, Killer Klowns is worth the watch for its tunnel-vision ambition alone - especially if you have a soft spot for old-school puppetry and animatronic heads.

Taryn F (ru) wrote: Very good, was good to watch!

Jason A (es) wrote: Alfredson brings efficiency to a straight- forward script.

Ryan B (gb) wrote: A beautifully observed character study with Pacino giving a standout performance and David Gordon Green reminding people how fearless a director he can be. Playing with conventions and toying with narrative expectations, this is not a movie for everyone and if anyone else had directed it I'd say it was highly flawed. But in David Gordon Green's hands, all of the flaws of a meandering plot and inconsequential story feel intentional and challenge the viewer to consider what themes might be lurking below the surface.