Neethaane En Ponvasantham

Neethaane En Ponvasantham

A boy and a girl who are friends from their childhood fight and break up during their school and college. They meet again at the age of 25 and fall in love.

The story revolves through three different life stages of Varun and Nithya's life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Neethaane En Ponvasantham torrent reviews

Praveen Kumar T (es) wrote: Stag party at Irish woods, worth to watch for 'The Machine" role.

Ali A (gb) wrote: it wont be a premature retirement since saif is 41 now. I would rather suggest the actor to take a final break from the movie industry and start up his own sole trader business. Saif since his debut to this date didn't worked out as other khans and so no matter how hard he would try it wont work. As for the movie its 2.5/5

Kaman Y (ca) wrote: Where the hell they found people willing to spent their money to make such a unbelievably rubbish movie??? Credit goes to all the dancers (who can really dance), are all amazing B boy. What the hell is Chris Brown doing in this movie?

Ryan C (it) wrote: it was ok but seemed kind of slow and up and down to much to get into

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Brings new meaning to the term "Musical Comedy"--Very inventive premise;Quirky and entertaining!!

Rogga F (de) wrote: Enjoyed it more than I was expecting to. It's cool and pretty well executed.

Kerry M (ag) wrote: Great cast of Scots and peridoc actors alike, but not quite sure on the plot.

kevin B (ca) wrote: Funny shit best wayans movie

Katie M (us) wrote: This is actually rather hysterical. I'd forgotten about it. But REALLY it's funny.

Dammy G (au) wrote: I was told not to see this movie, so I'm not going to.

Barry T (nl) wrote: An early Richard Curtis comedy that was very funny. Emma Thompson was perfect as always and Jeff Goldblum was a hapless fool. Worth a watch.

Jacob G (au) wrote: A fun little romp through a murky swamp with relational drama and environmental ignorance.

Dave J (ru) wrote: Steven Segal as mercenary John Seeger who gets double crossed by his boss. He's then get blackmailed in saving another wealthy corrupt foreign arms seller's son from prison.

Curtis L (gb) wrote: Your typical thriller. One of those see it or not movies, it won't change your life either way.

FilmGrinder S (ca) wrote: Big ol' jugs, decent gore, 80's rubber monster suit and Doug McClure. Gotta love 80's horror.