Three unidentified men hold a group of people hostage in a hospital after doing a smaller crime. Inspector Ishida and Captain Tohno handle the negotiations while one of their colleagues Lt. Ado tries to find the reason why the men decided to take the hospital hostage. At first, Lt. Ado tries to think of the possibilities for this crime using the clever aid of Ishida, but he only reaches the solution to the puzzle later on and by himself. Relevant information is revealed to the audience through flashbacks and through discoveries made by the police. And, several connections are made as the story develops. When the negotiations are finished, most things seem to be fine until they lose track of the criminals. Then, the story unveils with a different perspective, its roots in feelings of love and vengeance. Written by Rebeca C.

After a convenience store robbery, three unidentified men hold a group of people hostage in a hospital. Inspector Ishida and Captain Tohno handle the negotiations while one of their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham B (kr) wrote: A foreign exchange student challenges the dynamics of the family she moves in with in up state New York.Despite the best efforts from the cast, the script is too moody and the story seems dripping in happenstance. What should be a heady finale does little more than simmer. Pearce and Jones' chemistry is a little off kilter too.Didn't believe in the story. The characters weren't fleshed out enough, so I didn't care for them either. It's 98 minutes are plodding and it feels longer.The cinematography is pretty and there is potential for an interesting film. It just isn't the one they came up with.

William S (de) wrote: This film changed my life - partly because I made it but mainly because it helped my brother who has a learning disability discover a whole new world that most of us might take for granted. It also taught me the incredible power music has over most of us.

Muhammad K (fr) wrote: Waar is a great movie all the way. Better than any Bollywood has ever produced to-date. Even this movie can compare any Hollywood movie too

David P (br) wrote: This was serious, informative, and entertaining. Well worth looking at.

Andrew N (fr) wrote: It doesn't really tell you anything that you can't find in a cursory read of any of his biographies available online, and in that sense it's not really much more than a really well-produced episode of vh1's behind the music, but at the same time it's buoyed up by the sheer genius of arthur's music and with some great imagery to go along with it. If you don't know anything about him, this is a great place to start... as for me, I was among the untold throngs of curious record store clerks who were initiated into the world of his genius when that comp on soul jazz records came out back in 2004. after looking up his story that year, it was very clear to see how his art was impacted by a life of isolation, eccentricity, perfectionism, paranoia, disease, tragedy, and fear of success balanced by an obsession with mainstream pop music forms. I think that listening to him for all those years with that in mind made him pop out as even more vulnerable, even more human. Watching this movie was like a refresher course on why I find his recordings so beautifultoo bad it doesn't feature any performances of what is, in my humble opinion, his best song: "lucky star".

Bryan L (it) wrote: With a title like this it has to be good.

Mo B (fr) wrote: Rating: 88%With funny characters, a convincing script, and a talented cast, Wild Hogs is one of the funniest movies out there and is a must-see.

Brian B (ru) wrote: Four stars hands down! If you like this you will really like The Stepfather!

Jam S (mx) wrote: one of the best jean-claude films ever the character was weak and vunerable not your typical action hero stuff and he acts well in it.

Luis O (us) wrote: Cheap comedy, but fun.

Nico S (gb) wrote: Really great premise, not surprising coming from the mind that brought us Blade Runner, but to have this premise in the hands of the mastermind Steven Spielberg was a good choice. There isn't really a dull moment in the whole film, some slow parts sure but not useless, there are some great character development moments as well as some great action sequences. For a 2002 movie, this has some great special effects as well.

gipilix (ca) wrote: not something great, but at least I found something about bumblebees :Dand it is interesting the question ... trading your identity for life?

James A (it) wrote: 70's B-actioneer with Lee Marvin as a guy who takes out the trash! Worth checking out.

Adrian B (au) wrote: The film is quite amazing in my opinion. The colour is great, the special effects are incredible, Cooper and Bergman are great, and the opening scene is one to note on. The part were Cooper and an associate blow up the train is amazing. I was impressed by this film and its special effects.

Navid S (au) wrote: My review on "Miller's Crossing", A masterpiece, but of a unique kind... A gorgeously filmed, supremely well-acted, intricately written film noir about now. Barry Sonnenfeld's stunning cinematography and the sharply etched characterizations make this film one for the ages. highly recommended :)

Cameron K (es) wrote: Much better than the most recent one.

Bryan W (mx) wrote: Somehow, this movie toes the line between being boring and intriguing, scatter-shot and tight more ably than most films I've seen. Though the movie purports to be about a pool shark, there isn't much pool playing going on, and despite the strong characterizations and decent writing, the only reason to root for the protagonist is a combination of the actress playing her and the relatively obvious issues with her ex-husband. Despite the narrative not building enough steam to get exciting, the film maintains the viewer's interest quite well and builds to an unexpected climax that relies on your interpretation of the third act for it to be either heartbreaking or unearned. Overall, it feels like a better than average student film.