Nemesis Game

Nemesis Game

Sara Novak is an introverted college student with a few skeletons in her closet. Shying away from classmates, she prefers to spend time with Vern, an older comic store owner who shares her passion for mind games and riddles. But when the riddles she solves lead to the deaths of those around her, she realizes the riddles are more than a simple game.....

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   student,   suicide,  

An introspective university student with an unhealthy interest in riddles and puzzles becomes involved in a sinister mind game that results in murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (it) wrote: A very arty film about a poor school boy having crush on the girl in his school who is of upper caste. And all his aspirations get crushed when his family has to catch a pig in front of the enitre village including the girl. A ok film if you are able to sit through a typical arty film.

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David F (de) wrote: Wonderful fighting story. Expect it to have part 2, but never hear from it again.The Director did a great job.

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James K (it) wrote: Viewers of Cruel Intentions 2 are likely attracted to this film simply due to the fact that they enjoyed Cruel Intentions the original, in which a witty and smart plot was acted out by sleek, straight-to-the-point actors in a non-pretentious and original atmosphere to give this good old French novel a very modernistic kick. Sadly Cruel Intentions 2 will never ever live up to the original as it bases the story on a jagged plot. The acting was terrible to say the least and make the flow of the story rather episodic and patchy. The essence of a "cruel intention" is there but it lacks the excitement or guilt meant to be associated with it. I found the film very emotionally flat. Casting Amy Adams is also an interesting choice. She does have an angelic face to juxtapose the character's devilish minds. But somehow, having seen what Sarah Michelle Geller had done, she didn't quite hit the mark for me. Overall, this is not my type of movies and I hope people in the movie industry will never attempt to ruin things by making horrible prequel/sequel like this again to waste my time.

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Ian W (br) wrote: Another film I have only just got aroundd to seeing. Superbly done by Steven Spielberg and with a great performance from Christian Bale, it's strange that this film is underrated.A harrowing coming of age tale of life during World War 2 occupation and all the nightmares that entails. If you haven't seen it, I do recommend it.

sammi aka lil hell master (br) wrote: this movie is awesome

David H (ca) wrote: More to say then is given credit for. Through the years I have come to actually appreciate this film more than Rocky Horror.

Jrme V (ru) wrote: As a horror aficionados, Mario Bava rank among my favourites directors (with his pupil Dario Argento). A talented cinematographer, many of his films are nothing less than impressive series of meticulously composed vignettes, every last one of them a feast for the eyes of those inhabited by a fascination of everything dark. In fact, Bava have always put more attention to mood and ambiance than to story plot and acting, leaving many people a little disgruntle about his movies. While there is no doubt that Black Sunday (see my favourite movie list) is his Magnum Opus, Kill, Baby? Kill! is certainly a nice piece of Bava too. This fairly intriguing ghost tale is a lesson in gothic ambiance and still have a lot of unnerving power. It begins with a bang: a woman get out of a castle by night screaming for help? a few seconds later she seems to commit suicide (watch out for a brief point of view that was reprise by Argento in his excellent Deep Red). And thus begins a story that use every damned devises seen in classic gothic literature? and for our own pleasure! Curse, ghost, a plethora of villagers that shows complete distrust towards the outsiders, superstition and a family drama thrown in for good measure. While, in 2009, you probably won??t be afraid that much, you are indeed wise if you see the climax coming. The cast play rather routinely; while not being bad, they are not that good either. Except for a few exception, it??s a burden that tend to come with Bava??s oeuvre. But it??s not that important considering that the real star of the movie is Bava??s cinematography itself. Every frames is carefully composed to enhanced the overall sense of doom implied in the story: crumbling walls, nightscapes, cemeteries, fog, animals? everything is there for a reason. The colors are almost hallucinatory (well, of course, not to the point of Argento??s Suspiria) in their vivacity, especially reds and blues. And the soundtrack is hard to beat, a well made psychedelic gothic ambient piece. All in all, Bava??s movies are what I consider an experience: it??s haunting and beautifully crafted and will leave you the feel of having seen a tableau rather than a movie? but a tableau that won??t forget easily. If you haven??t watch any Bava??s film yet, I highly recommend Black Sunday, a masterpiece and nothing less. For those wishing to go further, Kill, Baby? kill! (damned: even the title??s a treat!) is a nice place to continue?

Shena J (ca) wrote: I'm so glad I watched this movie. It probably one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. No special effects or over hyped storyline needed. This is a true story told with such a captivating dialogue. Just the right hint of funny in such an emotional story.

Meecha E (mx) wrote: Floundered in its own misery.

Larry W (gb) wrote: The screenplay is bad, the performances are wooden, but the images are mesmerizing.

Terry B (kr) wrote: ermmm. Surprised Lauren Cohan and Rupert Friend allowed themselves to be in this.