It's the story of a few men that wonder across Europe trying to come home and rebuild what Mihai Viteazul called "romanian dream".

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:siege,   horse,   sword,  

It's the story of a few men that wonder across Europe trying to come home and rebuild what Mihai Viteazul called "romanian dream". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebekah C (br) wrote: Much better than I expected for a kids movie. Great music, cute story, and funny enough for adults (but kid appropriate humor). Highly recommend. My 8 and 6 year old boys love it- as well as my 2 year old daughter.

Robert B (br) wrote: Omg horrible. These keep getting worse

Justin B (ca) wrote: Likeable but flat and generic.

Darrin C (ru) wrote: A good fit to the 2 movies prior to it with a lot of the same comedy that feels like you saw it already in those last 2 movies. But it was still funny as it appears Greg's parents make a cameo appearance until the end when they get more movie time. Harvey Keitel makes a small appearance and interacts with De Niro which was kind of fun for us Taxi Driver fans and as always, just with the previous Focker movies, Robert De Niro steals every scene he's in!

bill s (it) wrote: One of the final performances for Williams is all this lazy holiday movie has going for itself.

Kirsten B (fr) wrote: Loved it! The ending rocx

anca b (it) wrote: cheesy and kinda stupid.not impressed by the few scenes i saw.

Oscar T (us) wrote: Desde "Kids" el director Larry Clark demostro el "tacto" que tiene para narrar historias sobre adolescente y el mundo que los rodea; de una manera realista, cruda, honesta y sin pretensiones.

Jason T (ca) wrote: Ice T, Gary Busey, human death hunt? C'mon how can you not enjoy this movie? Obviously you can't go in with high expectations or you may be severely let down. It's one of those movies that is fun to catch late at night when you have no interest in any brain cell function. Just sit back and have some laughs.

Anthony I (nl) wrote: "Love means never having to say you're sorry.". Supposed to be romantic, but in reality, sounds absolutely ridiculous. Love Story is the first gushy, mushy rom-com with a terrible ending. What I can say, positively, is the chemistry between Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw. They play people that are hardly relatable, but their language of love is universal. Ali MacGraw is nearly the best thing about the picture. First of all, tell me she wasn't incredibly beautiful back in those days. The writing is also clever, in a Cameron Crowe kind of way.. despite allowing you to hate Ivy leaguers more than you already do. It suffers by being what it truly is. Along with one of the most annoying soundtracks of all time. "Theme from Love Story" is nails on a chalkboard bad. What you need to know, most importantly, is that time hasn't treated "Love Story" kindly, despite being so familiar and lovely in parts.

Josh H (ru) wrote: 31 Days of Horror #11

Ben B (it) wrote: Casino Royale is directed by Martin Campbell and is the first Bond film starring Daniel Craig as the infamous agent. A new 00 agent for MI6, Bond is assigned with incapacitating a terrorist (Mads Mikkelsen) behind an attempted bombing of a plane.This is a fun and stylish Bond film. Daniel Craig is a very focused Bond, not so easily distracted by the lure of women. He is also an inexperienced Bond, lacking proper judgement in certain situations. It makes for a very relatable protagonist. Eva Green is also very strong as a British treasurer tasked with aiding Bond in the poker match. Mads makes for an ok villain as well.The action in this movie is top-notch. After the opening credits (featuring a solid Bond song), a chase scene draws attention immediately. The stunt team in Casino Royale deserves a lot of props for some of the actions they had to pull off. Also, the music is very solid throughout; the classic Bond theme isn't heard until the very end, signifying Bond's character arc into the mysterious 007 agent we're more familiar with.There are some little things I didn't care for in CR though. During another chase scene, there is a knife struggle in the middle of a crowded room, and, somehow, nobody notices. The movie feels long at 2 hours and 20 minutes, and that's thanks to the last 25 minutes or so. There's a twist towards the end that does nothing but serve as Bond's final transformation, and I feel like it could have been done in a way that didn't feel separate from the rest of the movie.Overall, Casino Royale will please new and old Bond fans alike while serving as a solid action movie. Go ahead and give it a watch if you have the 2+ hours!Final grade: B+-Ben

william b (ag) wrote: Shirley Temple was perfect. I loved the Sargent Major O'Rourke. Captain Kirby York is the best man.

James H (us) wrote: Warner Oland does such a terrific job as Charlie Chan in this film entry in the series, it's one of the earlier episodes and it's a good one. Good supporting cast, excellent mystery. It's pretty clear from the title what the plot is about, Charlie is investigating Egyptian relic theft.

Andrew J (jp) wrote: A very different and entertaining detective noir set in high school, has a very cool look and is really fast paced and kinda funny.

Ben H (nl) wrote: One of the most boring and pointless movies I've ever seen. The characters have no depth, the film is nearly devoid of humor, and the ending leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Perhaps the only redeeming thing about the film is the glimpse into urban Japanese culture that it glosses over. However, it's nowhere near as culturally relevant as a film like Mr. Baseball. Unless you want to gawk at Scar-Jo's butt for 30 seconds in the opening credits, skip this movie.