In the Catholic and traditionalist Italy, two teen-agers covertly discover new prohibited games

In the Catholic and traditionalist Italy, two teen-agers covertly discover new prohibited games . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard I (br) wrote: Barely a punch pulled in this warm, humane and ultimately all too real portrayal of how "till death do us part" can mean more than one thing.

Lcfr M (ca) wrote: Sad but true unfortunately. (It is on netflix).

Denise G (ca) wrote: It turned out to be a good movie! Funny!!!

Dedy D (ag) wrote: Great story about spiritual journey, a concept so close to my heart, yet poorly executed. If the duration was shorter, watching Eat Pray Love could be one truly enjoyable self- finding moment. But long as it is, it got boring and tedious in the middle of the story.

Joel D (mx) wrote: Una verdadera "Stoner Movie". Olvidense de las mierdas de Knocked Up, Pineapple Express bullshit. Fumate un blunt, y ve esta pelicula.

Thomas K (it) wrote: If you are a fan of 80's English synth pop then this is the film for you. I quite liked it, myself.

Gonalo D (ag) wrote: Demuestra que las segundas partes dirigidas a DVD de la Disney son para que los dibujantes menos talentosos y los guionistas ms mongos hagan sus pininos.

Jason S (us) wrote: i thought it was a pretty good looney tunes movie

Frances H (us) wrote: How anyone could take this movie seriously is a joke. It's more like the 50s Godzilla movies out of Japan than anything else, which makes it just as hilarious today. How anyone could call this a melodrama is beyond me, because what it is is a farce, that doesn't even make sense from the beginning. That this "game" could be an effective way of controlling young people is ludicrous. The movie shows the media making a big deal of the winner of one of these contests, and the threat might be effective, except that the kids in the bus going to be the next participants seem to never have heard of it and find the idea outrageous. How are all the kids in Japan kept from knowing what is going on, if it's all over the media, as the beginning suggests. Although this flick pre-dates The Hunger Games, the author used the theme a great deal better. In the books , the games are a form of torture for the outlying districts that rebelled against the central government, not to control school kids, who would just rebel more at knowing what might randomly be ahead of them. But everything in this flick is sooooo bad, that it's funny, from the fake way the kids die, to the very poor use of classical music at weird and untimely moments, to the nonsensical actions of everybody involved. Seeing this film after seeing The Hunger Games trilogy just makes this film funnier than ever in contrast.This movie isn't dark, it's just comedic in its disastrous attempt to be serious. Kurosawa mist be rolling over in his grave.

Virginia M (it) wrote: I Have Seen It!! A Few Years Ago. I Would Like To Own It!!.

Harry W (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed Life Stinks unlike many others, specifically because it dealt with the homeless theme in a strong dramatic way but used light comedy to soothe the audience. Mel Gibson gave a great turnaround in a dramatic performance, and quickly turned from a upper class snob into a character we really feel sorry for and care for. He also had good comedic moments and gave excellent direction to the story and so it ended up like a more dramatic version of Trading Places but with a single character, and I found that Life Stinks came off as a clever satire and was if nothing else, inspiring and uplifting. Life Stinks is another film that is way too unappreciated, and is a nice change of pace for Mel Brooks.Also, Lesley Ann Warren gave an excellent and very sweet yet strong performance opposite Mel Brooks, and she reminded me all too perfectly of Susan Sarandon. I really enjoyed the level of emotion she brought to the screen.Life Stinks was a nice simple look at the underclass life and really plays the issues the characters are forced to face to tug at the heartstrings of the viewers, and I found it to b a strong drama with some good comedic moments along the way so it doesn't aim to be too melodramatic. I enjoyed Life Stinks, more so than a lot of other people did.

Michael H (fr) wrote: A war film is a war film is a war film... except that Siegel, brought into the project at the last moment whenSteve McQueenrefused to work with the scheduled director, toughened the standard war-is-hell screenplay into an extraordinary study of psychopathology. He centres everything squarely on the McQueen character (one of his best performances, a human war machine), and emphasises the tensions within the American platoon rather than the conflict with the offscreen Germans. The ending, which stresses the enormous human cost of a small tactical gain, is remarkably powerful, precisely because it's the first time that Siegel allows his audience any perspective on what they've been seeing.

Patrick S (au) wrote: come on van damme! where are the helicopter kicks?!

Alfredo S (jp) wrote: Forgetting about the nice animation, Hotel Transylvania leaves nothing worth of remembering and its hyperactive humor and unfocused plot makes it difficult for a second view.

Albaab R (br) wrote: This is for that odd bunch who likes period pieces AND zombies..get a feel the book would be better. Watch it if you fall in that slim venn diagram. Warning, it's a LOT more jane austen than zombie flick, so might leave most disappointed.