A wanna be director's struggle in the film industry. The problems he faces and how he overcomes them.

Ravi (Ravi Teja) is an aspiring film director who works as an assistant director to Idly Vishwanath (Brahmanandam). Mallik (Subba Raju) is the hero of the film and Mumaith (Mumaith Khan) is the heroine for the project. Sandhya (Siya), the film's junior artiste, falls in love with Ravi. But Ravi is goal oriented like Kamal Hasan in Sagarasangamam. Also, Ravi's mother (Rama Prabha) is fighting against cancer. Amidst all this, how Ravi reaches his goal by impressing heroes and producers with his talent forms the main theme. Krishna Bhagawan portrays the role of a villain alongside Supreet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Se7enth A (ag) wrote: There are two love stories being told here. The World War II love story is framed by a secondary, contemporary romance. The first one is a beautiful and touching love and believing it will return story. Betty White is amazing regardless of the genre in which she performs,. As an actress usually associated with comedy, she is luminous here and brings an emotional core playing a war widow waiting and hoping that some day her missing in action Navy husband might return to her. She goes to the train station year after year on Valentines Day (their anniversary and the day he left). The song "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" was absolutely perfect for the bittersweet settings. Hallmark has produced magnificent TV shows over the years but this one had successfully drained all of my tear ducts. I would say this is an absolute must see for huge fans of true romance.

Harsh C (it) wrote: Leightweight war flick lacking some grit. Tells the story well but by no means an epic. Love story a bit cheesy.

Camille Andrea T (gb) wrote: I laugh at the parts that are supposed to be funny but II am not satisfied with Betty White's appearance in the movie, why is she at the center of the poster when she is not even part of the plot.

Jude P (it) wrote: A much better theme than many action flicks though predictable.

Caitlin L (kr) wrote: Better than the original.

Lindsay W (jp) wrote: Reba is the bomb she can take any character and make you fall in love with that character.

El U (us) wrote: i so saw the ending coming, and it sucks like a hoover, the rest of it was interesting though

FilmGrinder S (ru) wrote: 76%-Under Wraps-"We already know what's on it, it'll all come out on the report. Now that's all you have to know for now. Everything's going to be ALRIGHT...Trust me, okay."-Harry Forbes (Darren McGavin)Mild take on the real star wars.

Yasmine S (au) wrote: Great story-telling potential slightly ruined by the very shallow dialog and weak arguments. While Patrick Wilson was a wonderful casting choice as Joe, Liv Tyler was completely talentless, reducing Shana to nothing more than a shallow tired pretty girl. May I also say that I have no idea why Hunnam insists on playing American characters, he has the most forced fake accent. Terrence Howard and Patrick Wilson add value to the film with their amazing performances - it might have helped if the story shifted the focus from the incomprehensible romance between Shana and Gavin to the agonies of Hollis and Joe that are far more profound.

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