Nenjathai Killathe

Nenjathai Killathe


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Nenjathai Killathe 1981 full movies, Nenjathai Killathe torrents movie

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Nenjathai Killathe torrent reviews

Timm S (br) wrote: Juxtaposes Ruined Cities & Buildings (Of The Fukushima Powerplant / Earthquake-Tsunami) Against Serious Mental Health (PTSD) Issues & Teen Anguish In The Aftermath Of The Disaster..& Unless You're Serious About Your Arthouse Film-Noir Cinemah, It Will Not Be Ur Cup Of Tea.

DG j (ca) wrote: After the recent loss of her son Sean-a minor character in The Christmas Blessing-Patty Addison (Madeleine Stowe) devotes herself to finding homes for needy children. The loss of Sean has strained Patty's relationship with her husband Mark, an airline pilot. But they reconnect emotionally when they take in Emily, a 9-year-old orphaned in a car accident similar to the one that killed Sean.At the same time Dr. Nathan Andrews-the one character that connects the entire film trilogy-is trying to find the parents of a boy who died in the ER, and Mark is trying to help one of his son's friends. By the end of the film, all three stories are intertwined as they all look for Emily, who has run away.

Rudy G (au) wrote: One of the best horror/thrillers EVER! Kept me on the edge of my seat, and the actors were amazing! Such a great film!

Waleed A (au) wrote: great movie. funny. good fighting. Nice story. funny talking

Sarah S (ca) wrote: Touching, really. Despite the often tempestuous relationship between the two, Herzog uses the medium that brought them together to show Kinski as a muse. Genius and madman could easily describe Kinski and Herzog looks starkly at both sides of the man. I particularly loved how Herzog highlighted Kinski's lack of smiling while performing...while also juxtaposing this observation with video of Kinski smiling and joking around Herzog off the set and playing gently with a butterfly while on the set in Peru. A beautiful retrospective for an oft-maligned genius from the only person worthy to create such a documentary.

Andrew K (ca) wrote: Creative, well animated, and fast paced action gives way to a plodding second half with a mindfuck of an ending that just doesn't fulfill.

NaWie M (ru) wrote: Bud Spencer reminds me of my Dad, whenever I watch his Movies. lol. Bud Spencer and Terence Hill were a great Team on Screen.

Senor C (de) wrote: When the great Drive-In Classics used to be around they had a clip of Peter Carpenter singing his terrible lounge act from Point of Terror in one of their stingers. I made a mental note of its awfulness but never knew what movie it was from. I never caught it on the air but thought if I ever found it I was probably in for something really special. Well after hunting it down & seeing it Point of Terror is some kinda of terrible special. As the opening credits rolls & Peter Carpenter decked out in a hideous red tasseled outfit belted away @ a song that Tom Jones would blow his fucking brains out if he had to sing my eyes grew wide @ the train wreck I was about to endure. Only starring in 3 movies this film killed Peter Carpenter's career & rightfully so. It's a bad movie sleaze Mecca. For those who like them so bad they're good (or @ least highly watchable) get out the cutlery & dig in. Dinner is served @ the Lobster House

bill s (mx) wrote: Moore could have and did phone this in

Gregory W (au) wrote: just ok only slightly perfect

Kyle B (au) wrote: A nice little indie with a strong performance leading performance from Ella Purnell. Bruce Greenwood is very subtle but does it with excellence and makes those quit scenes with Ella so captivating. It was a very interesting story that has great messages about sex abuse in the family and really works. I felt like the cinematography really let down this movie for me. It was very grainy (assuming it was shot on film) and didn't do any favors to the gorgeous landscapes. I feel like this movie would have been to die for cinematography wise if maybe they shot digital. It's not my forte but I just felt like something was blocking out the beauty of those landscapes. Other than that, great screenplay and direction and seek it out when it comes out